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  1. So will this be like Dungeon Keeper all over again?
  2. Generalcamo

    Tiberian Sun: Reborn Released

    Thanks for the highlights CNCNZ! Really appreciated!
  3. Do remember that "modern games" typically use cutscenes and trailers to create hype for their game and develop a single player campaign. This is not an "AAA" game with a full singleplayer campaign with in-game cutscenes and a ton of voice acting with a huge PR team. This is an independent mod. We do not need graphics that will typically be ignored anyway. I'm not saying that graphics should be ignored, of course not. They help immerse the player into a game and that improves the gameplay. But adding "small details" like padlocks on doors and things like that is bad as it wastes time AND it distracts the player from the game itself.
  4. Generalcamo

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond Latest Dev Blog

    It's nice to see decent discussion. I actually enjoyed the read.
  5. Tomorrow morning, at 14:00GMT, The_Hunter of Shockwave and Rise of the Reds fame takes on Comr4de of Rise of the Reds fame. This match will be streamed on the 1.85 beta version of Rise of the Reds, so there is something for everyone. An early look at the beta, and a battle that defines what C&C is all about. I mean, look at the trailer: The match will occur on Hecthor Doomhammer's Channel, who you may know from the streams of Red Ressurection, Mental Omega, Attacque Supérior, and formerly Twisted Insurrection. Find it here: http://www.twitch.tv/pauljongejans
  6. Well, it's the only official statement given, so of course, people will listen to that. The press also reported the same thing. If EA decides to cancel it entirely, I'm sure they will make another press release for that event. But for now, that is really the only thing out there.
  7. Actually, right here: http://www.commandandconquer.com/en/news/1380/a-new-future-for-command-conquer
  8. Is it possible to change corpses depending on what type of weapon is used to kill an entity? Because I'm thinking that you could use all three current animations depending on the weapon used. (Bloody for Swords, Skeletal Corpse for Energy, etc.)
  9. For Yuri, you might want to go with Westwood's Original idea. According to some former developers, Incursion was to connect RA2 with C&C. It involved the destruction of the Philidelphia by a nuclear missile from Nod (Wonder where that went into...) and the survival of a single armor prototype, the screaming eagle, and its operator. The factions fight to attempt to gain control of this powerful suit, but Nod accidentely set off a Chronosphere while fighting in the National Archives, sending Kane's Acolyte, Yuri, back in time. This script was very vague, so you can fill in the details.
  10. I prefered 1.x over 2.x, solely due to the high player counts and good balance. Sure, NW had it's bugs, but it still felt like .9935, and the bugs weren't jarring like they are in gamma. We had a 32 player game in gamma 2.1, the balance was so bad that I quit. Nuclear Winter had this player count a lot, and it was pretty balanced.
  11. This is void by this statement.
  12. These are good inferno, any plans on a new episode?
  13. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, attempt YR yet. Wait until there is a large episode base, then make YR Season five. Firestorm was rushed, very badly too. EDIT: That does not mean you can't introduce a few YR units though!
  14. I think that should wait until later. However, include some scenes where Romanov asks "where did Yuri go? I have not seen him in a while."
  15. Maybe just an einstein's showcase, with a cameo of some of these units, but don't work. (chrono prison deleting the target, AND itself from the timeframe etc..)
  16. Oh my, that looks very nice and blocky. Looks very much like the RA2 Chicago mission appearance. Why don't you add a few canceled features to the mod? I would like to see...
  17. Just make sure to make yuri's revenge a season 4.5. Firestorm Legos was, rushed, a lot. I did not like it. The work so far is excellent. Great job.