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  1. After two happy anniversaries in a row, there is a third one that is still bitter. On this day 5 years ago, on 29 October 2013 to be exact, the live service titled simply Command & Conquer and originally announced as just a separate game called C&C Generals 2, was cancelled, and its development studio Victory Games was closed, ending a 10-year span of an RTS studio situated in EA's Los Angeles building. From the get-go, the game suffered from numerous development issues, starting from the Frostbite engine that is notoriously difficult to develop non-shooter games for, through Victory Games' compromises to EA when it came to monetization and sacrificing campaigns at launch just to keep the studio and the game afloat, all the way to poor game design decisions that were only starting to get resolved very late in development, with game-changing patches scheduled, ironically, for the day it was cancelled and several months after that. To add an entire bag of salt to injury, Victory Games was ordered to post up a pre-written cancellation message that was regarded by one of their developers as "total bs", even though they were supposed to roll out a major update that same day. This also stands as the 5 year anniversary since the cancellation of the last known serious attempt at making a Command & Conquer game, and was seen as just the culmination of EA's catastrophic management of the franchise that started since C&C Arena's shift to Tiberian Twilight in 2009. While we were spared an undercooked semiproduct, we had also lost all hope to see a completely new C&C title at all (let alone a good one), at least until the recent remaster announcement.
  2. The YouTube channel GVMERS, already known as a team working on retrospectives for games which have past their prime or have been abandoned by their owners, have created a third video related to the Command & Conquer franchise. In this video, they bring us the full sad story of what was originally announced as Command & Conquer: Generals 2, and was later known simply as Command & Conquer, a free-to-play title. @Rabbit and myself provided input and information on the game's development as assisting information, too!
  3. In this week's Throwback Thursday, we feature something from the cancelled free-to-play Command & Conquer, which we haven't really covered in this segment. The star of this feature is the redesigned Dr. Thrax, a returning character from Zero Hour. His appearance changed dramatically, true to his original backstory that he frequently visits plastic surgeons to cover his tracks, but he appeared to act like a loose cannon in the few cutscenes that became public - well, more so than he already was. Already a sadist with chemical weapons, he turned his disregard for his enemies' lives into fun and games, true to a more light-hearted approach that Victory Games was apparently going for. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  4. In a post on Ask Reddit asking if you could bring back any game from your childhood and have it re-mastered for today's graphics, what would it be? Some of the Command & Conquer games have been mentioned. And it looks like a former EA developer, under the name of "phpdevster", has joined the discussion and shared his thoughts on the cancellation of the Command & Conquer 2013 project. The original post can be found here.
  5. Do EA have plans to revive the Command & Conquer project that was cancelled way back in October 2013? According this poorly written article from the most unlikely source, The Gospel Herald, the author alludes to this fact, EA could be planning a Command & Conquer resurrection sometime soon. The more likely scenario here, based on the quality of the entire article, the author doesn't have a clue. So I'll have to file this under the "rumour" category. Here's the most interesting part.... So it's not the strongest of stories to go by. But it would be cool if it turned out to be true. We have not heard anything official from EA about the future of Command & Conquer since October/November 2013. I'll leave it to you guys to decide if there is any truth to this. I know which way I'm leaning. Full article can be found here.
  6. I've just refreshed the wiki article for C&C2013, but it feels off to me. C&C2013 was announced as a live service, while Generals 2 was first announced as its own game, and was later intended to be the first of several "sub-games" of sorts within the said service, despite the fact that the Generals 2 name was not present in the assets of any of the closed alpha builds released to the fans. I think they should have separate articles for this reason. It can be concluded that the C&C2013/C&CF2P term (as it appears on Wikipedia and several of the remaining C&C sites) that is used to categorize the game(s) intended to be incorporated within it may not be right after all. Or is it just me that wants the wiki to be a little more pedantic than needed and should be attending to other articles on it Thoughts?
  7. A few days ago this article, Is EA Allowing This Well-Known Gaming Franchise to Die? appeared on an unlikely source, Gospelherald.com. This article sort of retraces the demise of Command & Conquer that was cancelled back in October 2013, and then it questions if EA are ever going to make another Command & Conquer game or just let the franchise die and be forgotten like so many past EA franchises before it. Here's a small sample.... You can read the full article right here. Thanks @NightTrain45 for the news tip. Here at CNCNZ.com, we are looking towards Gamescom in August to see of EA have any plans or announcements about the future of Command & Conquer.
  8. More great stuff from C&C Saga today, with this video from the cancelled free to play Command & Conquer. This one reveals that at some stage the development team were testing the possibility of the side control bar rather than a bottom control bar. There are also some storyboard concepts towards the end. Thanks to C&C Saga for sharing this video.
  9. When games are cancelled it not uncommon for images, concept artwork and all sorts of related stuff to surface over time. Here we are, about 10 months since the new Command & Conquer was cancelled last October, and C&C Saga have come up with these great looking 3D renders of the Generals. Check out the rest by visiting CNC Saga.
  10. The Bitbag has recently posted a new article called The Future of PC War: Where is Command and Conquer Going? It takes a very quick look back at the history of the franchise, reviews the cancellation of the last game, and then attempts to explain the current status of our favourite franchise. A sample can be read below. Follow this link to read the full article.
  11. Here's a video found on YouTube recently, featuring a look at the systems and gameplay of last year's cancelled Command & Conquer. Apparently it was narrated by a former Victory Games developer about a month after the game was cancelled. He explains a lot of stuff about what the development team had in store for game. For instance, a big content patch was planned to be released on the day the plugged was pulled! Intro, 1v1 match Featuring GLA Salvage General Explanation of the Generals' Kits Perks and Metagame Discussion The Road to Public Release 1v1 match Featuring APA Espionage General 1v1 match Featuring EU Experimental Weapons General 1v1 match Featuring EU Classic General 1v1 match Featuring GLA Marauder General 3v3 match Featuring APA Urban Assault General This video was posted on the 22nd of Novemeber 2013. It runs for around 2 hours.
  12. As originally posted here http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/index.php/forum-114/announcement-3-command-and-conquer-cancellation-victory-closure-faq/ on the Official C&C Forums.....
  13. Chris Mancil, the Director of Digital Communications at EA has posted a statement on the Official C&C Forums confirming the shut-down of the servers for the Command & Conquer Alpha. Development on the new Command & Conquer ceased in late October but fans were still able to play the game, until today. There is one silver lining to this statement, it says that Command & Conquer will return sometime in the future. You can see the original post here.
  14. Jennifer Vranekovic, who worked at Victory Games on the front-end GUI and interface of the now cancelled Command & Conquer, has posted a large assortment of images that shows how the game's interface.and menus would have looked. Just a couple of samples below. You can see the full collection right here at CnC Saga.
  15. In a short article on EA's Customer Service Help site, our first clue to the future of the Command & Conquer franchise may have been found. The help article explains what people can do to get any money they have spent, on the now cancelled Command & Conquer alpha, refunded. But it also says that people who purchased Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection, will still get early beta access once production resumes under a new studio. There is already some rumour and speculation that Command & Conquer has already been given to a new studio. Presumably another one within EA. But of course we can't confirm this right now.
  16. Further reports say the servers for the cancelled Command & Conquer are available once again and people have been playing the game. Earlier this week we posted some news saying they were no longer accessible. So for all those still with alpha access, get in while it lasts, because someday soon they will be gone forever.
  17. Reports from around the community suggest that the servers for the closed the alpha of the now cancelled Command & Conquer are no longer accessible. Despite the cancellation last week, and the closure of Victory Games, the servers were still online and people who had access to the alpha build could still login and play the game. Up until sometime earlier today apparently. Assuming the reports are true, the game is well and truly over now. They were not going to be online forever anyway.
  18. As we suspected earlier today, we felt there was more to the cancellation of Command & Conquer and the closure of Victory Games. I was in two minds to post this, thinking we may get in trouble, but we are a news source here at CNCNZ.com and Command & Conquer fans deserve to know the truth. We should not be fed corporate lies when it comes to our favourite franchise. So, long story short, the original blog post on the Official C&C Site is nothing but a fabricated public relations move to smooth things over. None of the alpha feedback was the cause of the cancellation. Once again, "corporate politics and shenanigans" behind closed doors at EA have killed off Command & Conquer and Victory Games. I will share with you the post made on the Official Forums, but names have been removed. I won't be sharing the link to this post, but you can find it on the Official C&C Forums if you have access to the Closed Alpha forum. I expect there will more fallout and boil-over in the coming days, it's almost unfolding the way Tiberium was cancelled back in 2009. Once again, we can clearly lay blame on the corporate bigwigs. Please don't blame the Victory Games development team, these guys were working really hard to bring the fans a new and true Command & Conquer and set the franchise up for the future, all they needed and wanted was time to develop, but apparently that's not what corporate EA wants.
  19. Global Community Manager for all things Command & Conquer, Eric Krause has posted his final goodbye message on the Official C&C Forums. Like many of you, he is bitterly disappointed with how things have gone down in the past 48 hours. You can read Eric's full post below. There are a few other farewell messages from other Victory Games developers as well.... EA_Tim EA_Krush EA_Baelor Eric's final post can be found right here.
  20. Just moments ago, Eric "CIRE" Krause, the C&C community manager, posted on his Facebook wall that "Victory is no more." He quickly followed it up with "At least we came close to make a cool game" and posted this picture: I, along with others on his feed immediately asked if this meant the game itself was actually cancelled, to which he replied: Moments later, Eric posted this blog in reference to the shutdown. It's a quick read, but the part that stands out is the following: What does this mean for the future of Command & Conquer? Who knows. At this point though, it really doesn't look very bright.
  21. A few more details about the shock cancellation of Command & Conquer and sad closure of Victory Games have emerged. Reports suggest that the blog posted on the Official Command & Conquer Site, which details the reason for ceasing production, was allegedly "not ok'd by the development team". Here's a recap of this news from IGN. http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/10/29/ea-cancels-command-conquer-victory-studios-closed There must more that has happened behind closed doors that led to the game being axed and the studio closing. As we discover it, we will be sure to report any new information to you.
  22. Earlier today, Tim Morten, the Development Director for the upcoming Command & Conquer live service and game, made an announcement on the game's official forums, revealing the official dates for the Closed Beta and Public Launch milestones, while also noting that after launch, the game will continue to be iterated upon and will evolve, as is the case with any other live service video game. To read the complete topic and see the Development Director's responses, click this link.
  23. Command & Conquer Live is the just launched and official Command & Conquer channel on TwitchTV. It features news, questions from the fans and interviews with the development team. Plus you will be able win some prizes in contests and score some Alpha keys! The first livestream has already taken place, but you can watch the replay right there. Thanks to HOPE1134 for the news tip.
  24. Two new patch previews for the new Command & Conquer have been released in the past 48 hours. The first one covers Onslaught, a co-op game mode which involves two players defending against gradually stronger waves of AI forces, without classic resource collection and with gaining income only with defeating each wave. The second one covers the starting phase of the game - each player will start with a revised Command Center, a Supply Center and some harvesting and working units. You can read the Onslaught preview here and the game start preview here.
  25. Another new General has been unveiled for the new Command & Conquer, this time being Muerte, the GLA Horde General. Muerte relies on sending wave after wave of masses of units to overwhelm her enemies. Her unit is the "El Diablo" Light Tank, which is able to do extra damage to enemy units by firing a precision shot and can outrun most other tanks. Below is a short excerpt of her backstory. To read the complete profile and learn more about this General, including her exclusive arsenal and powers, click here.