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Get in the Command & Conquer 4 Public Beta

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What we have been testing privately and secretly for many months now is about to public. Now is your chance to get in to the Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight public beta test and see the game in action for yourself. Here's all the important details direct from the Official C&C Site.



Commanders, tomorrow starting at 9AM PST, in partnership with Gamespot, the Command & Conquer 4 Beta will be PUBLIC and open to anyone and everyone around the world!


To get in the Command & Conquer 4 Public Beta, all you have to do is visit our Gamespot Beta Page here starting at 9AM Thursday. And follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit our C&C 4 Gamespot Beta page starting at 9AM PST Thursday, here


  2. If you are not logged in, you are prompted to log in to your free GameSpot account, or register for one.


  3. Once you are logged in, you will see registration fields already populated for you, based on your GS profile. Just hit Submit.


  4. The page now includes new information, including your key (the URL), and instructions on what to do.


  5. If Gamespot is temporarily out of keys, DO NOT WORRY, you will be placed on a short waitlist if necessary. You do not need to re-register. Once Gamespot releases more keys, you will be assigned a key in the order you joined the waitlist. Your own key is displayed on the page, as well as sent to you by email.
We will be monitoring our server load as we are still in Beta phase, however, Gamespot will be issuing thousands of keys in the first wave. In the event you are placed on the waitlist, do not fear, we will be activating users daily and quickly.


So get in the public beta action Commander and join in on the 5v5 multiplayer mayhem. Provide the development team feedback, let your voice be heard, and help the team make C&C4 the game you want it to be.


If you're ready for Command & Conquer 4, then be sure to PRE-ORDER and gain access to our exclusive prequel bonus mission "Night Moves", the official C&C 4 soundtrack, and a personal autographed headshot of the Messiah, Kane!

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Thank god they released a new revision with going open beta, last rev was so unbalanced i simply couldn't play it even for the purpose of beta testing :P


Now maybe people will see that the concept actually works :) if it's balanced that is :/

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What is the bet that they run out of keys by 9:01. :P

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I put in two games with the new beta. It surprised me that playing it... actually works pretty well. But you have to unlock new units and level up first, before you get all the cool stuff :rolleyes:

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Updated NDA


Hey everyone,


With our BETA going Public today, we have modified our NDA to the following:


-You may discuss the Beta on any forum, website, anywhere you wish. You do not need to hold your discussion strictly to our Beta forums any longer, HOWEVER, we strongly encourage you to keep Beta discussions here so as to keep them organized and easy for us to continue collecting feedback.


-Posting of screenshots and video is still prohibited as specified in the NDA. We are monitoring YouTube and other video sites, please be respectful of this aspect of our NDA as the game is still being polished and in Beta. We appreciate this. Users posting video and/or screenshots without our express written permission may be banned from the Beta.


Thanks everyone, enjoy the Beta and we look forward to your feedback.


-C&C Development Team


I was showing the game to a friend last night, and had to download a new patch, but I haven't seen the change log. BTW my experience was reset again to zero... which made it hard to show off the game. ;)


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The new nod engineer looks awesome. I love the experience mechanic and i love some of the units, mainly the scorpion tanks.

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Finally. >_>b


What I've played so far I enjoyed thoroughly. I like the classic CnC games better, but I think that I'm going to have some fun with this. :P

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a friendly reminder now Apoc gave me the the right to repoen the CnC4 BETA section in the http://cnc.com.gr Bug Database

So if you are sure you have found a Bug in the latest public beta just go to http://cnc.com.gr and Post it IF it doesnt exist all ready!

we are collecting your BUG - Balance Feedback there and then forwarding to EA dev team as always.


see you in the field ;-) :thumbsup:

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