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CNC World Interview: C&C 2142 Mod for C&C 3

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Chickendippers at CNC World has posted a new interview with derek328, the leader of the new C&C 2142 mod for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. C&C 2142 is set in the Battlefield universe which throws the player forward to the year 2142 where a new Ice Age has humanity once again fighting for survival. Players can choose to fight for one of two military superpowers - the European Union or the new Pan Asian Coalition - in an epic battle for the last habitable lands. A range of devastating, hi-tech arsenal will be available, including assault rifles, cloaking devices and sentry guns. Its great interview and brings right up to speed on this interesting C&C 3 mod. And check out the massive EU Titan unit and a sample from the interview below.



Chickendippers: Can we expect to see any familiar C&C units up-close and personal?

derek328: BF2142 and C&C3 are very similar in many ways, so players can definitely feel resemblances between units, like EU’s Tiger and GDI’s Predator tanks. Vehicles aside, infantry units will play a much bigger role in CNC2142 – they will have a clear selection of upgrades available from BF2142, ranging from motion mines to RDX explosives. With a well coordinated plan, expect to see these soldiers of the future wreck havoc!


Chickendippers: Who's working on C&C 2142, anyone we might recognise from previous projects?

derek328: Truth be told, CNC2142 is our first project! Currently, we have 8 members in total from all over the world, including a few who just drop-in as think-tanks. Some of our most notable members include warlord007, who is in charge of mapping and one of the first that started CNC2142 with parko328 and I. We are also extremely grateful to have cityhunterppp from China, for his genuine enthusiasm and help introduce us to MS Referee. MS Referee has been in charge of many of our models and textures, CNC2142 would not be half as good if it wasn’t for his help.


Another notable mention would be Helge129, he has been an important part of our team for a while, and helped create some of our animations. Finally, we’d also like to thank Nighthawk for hosting us at CNCguild.net, as well as EA and DICE for giving us the authorization in the first place to use their BF2142 as basis for our project – we could never thank them enough!

Check out the full interview, that includes more screen shots, right here.

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Yeah, this looks like it could be quite interesting. If only DICE made a C&C game after battlefield 3. Ahh. I can always dream :P

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Over 100 textures... you should seriously take some time to learn about what you are doing.

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Over 100 textures... you should seriously take some time to learn about what you are doing.

This was my exact thought; I'm not sure 100+ textures on something so small makes a whole lot of sense. Sounds to me like it was a design error to require so many individual texture maps; for example, not that I have seen the unwraps myself, but using one unique texture for every container on the platform is the wrong choice and if that's what is going on, I hope they reconsider.


Hell I can't imagine asking one of my guys to apply 100 textures on ONE asset. Part of why is because it WOULD make it take longer, just to assign them all! That's not something to really brag over.

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Yes, I mean, when making the textures of the forgotten units I just had one file per model and put everything there, that took me at best 5 hours of work, and the TGA file was only 512px large, I think the guys of that mod team should investigate a bit more about unwrapping a 3D models, that will save them a lot of work.


Also, they should be careful with the size of their models, otherwise they will make the game lag due too much data per model.

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