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I Now Love RA3!

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No, I'm not 3 and a half months late for April fools day. And yes, I'm being entirely serious here. But yes, I do love RA3... On the PS3 that is! :P


OK, let's set about my reasoning here before you go all nuts about how RTS on consoles suck. 2009 when this game came out, I had an entirely different mindset. Being in this community led me to hammer every conceivable nit pick I found about the game... Anyway you know the story there.


First thing I noticed about this Ultimate Edition is that some of my criticisms surrounding RA3 have seemed to have been taken into consideration since I last played it. While typically, arrows still hang over structures, the campaign's recoding means that the Fog of War isn't removed like it was in the PC version (Unless you're told to capture structures like the Airport in the Empire LA mission). So you can't just click Superpower X and use it in combination with Support power Y, or even select an entire air force to blow the hell out of the enemy. This just makes things a little more difficult.


The same applies to specific buildings you have to target. Knocking just that one out suddenly doesn't win you the match and certain victory. Now you have to hit all production structures as well.. Just these little basic changes, already makes RA3 twice the game it was when I owned my PC Copy.


Also in there (from PC patch changes as well I gather) are the obvious unit balance changes some of which have improved how the campaign, skirmishes and online matches play out. Ore mines last a little longer now too which I'm greatful to see. And the AI is still as much of an obsessive bitch with it's air-force on Normal difficulty, which is great to see.


Primarily though is the control screen and interface. I'm sure you've all seen it. For some reason, after getting your head around the slightly more complex controls, and with a bit of practice of knowing where all the icons are, it just works really well. I'm finding myself knocking out buildings and tanks just as I would any other C&C game... Control groups are spot on as well, being able to flick between them quickly and order around is a great tool. Plus there are plenty of options to snap to places or units, so at no stage did I really feel disadvantaged using the PS3 pad.


So yeah, even though i'm probably well over a year or more behind on the PS3 release of this game. I'd say it doesn't matter. The Ultimate edition is really what RA3 should have been from the outset, and even though a few niggles remain, like the storyline still being rather pants, it's something that can't be changed... So ignoring the obviously impossible things to change. I would have to give it a Solid and genuine 9/10


Plus it has trophies... as a PS3 owner I love Trophies! :P

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:lol: King liking a modern C&C title???? what has the world come to :P


i have had a spin on it both on the 360 and the PS3 and i must say i agree with you here i preferred it on the consoles over the PC as the PC just didn't flow right. it is like that with games like GTA4 felt better on a PC over consoles. it is just weird how that happens but with those restrictions on the game it makes it more fun. and i must say i would give it an 8/10 for a good effort.




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I think RA3 was good on PC as well. Even though the interface had a little tendency to get me confused.


RTS on consoles don't suck that much. C&C for PS1 was my first meeting with RTS. Many say C&CPS1 lags but it doesn't! It runs at the same speed (or a tad slower) than PCs at the time could handle.

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No such problem with Speed on the console versions. The unit cap is still very much in tact from the PC version.. But the PS3 certainly has no problem displaying some of the more highly aggressive battles that go on. And the game looks absolutely stunning! It's really nice to see how the engine is supposed to look maxed out. It's certainly really good to appriciate the little details that actually went into this game.. Everything to full water effects, to the smoke, to the textures that most people here haven't ever really had a chance to see on their own machines.


I know what I would love to do.. to really see how the PS3 performs with this game... is perhaps spend some time over a week or so, doing one of those soviet super reactor domino tests... In most Youtube videos I've come across, many people have had to alter the video timings as to make things appear like they're not slowing down. But then again, I dunno if I can be bothered to do such things and would rather focus on getting the trophies instead :P

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Since I own a PS3 I would be inclined to get this when it's on special... but I never thought about the trophies.


What are you tasked with? Anything interesting?

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