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Is this thing on?

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Sole Survivor Patch 1.06... (and I thought the last official version was 1.02)


Did you begin patching?

What do you intend to change? (infantry could be more useful...)

Will you distribute the full game or just the patch?



Sorry, ApornasPlanet, for stealing your idea, but I was really eager to find out)


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Best place to ask would probably be the cncnet irc. I also heard Myg's been putting some research into SS again lately; see the cnc-comm forum for more on that.

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There's no Server running yet, so we are waiting for it. The server is in development, but in slow progress due the Hardcoded EXE.

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I have my thoughts on this, and have expressed such. But ill let people do what they need to do.


1.06 Patch will basically be high resolution options like C&C95/RA95 now has. There is a bug list, but its not priority until a working connection is complete.

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