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Origin a huge success, says EA

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The headline says it all: http://www.digitalspy.com/gaming/news/a387724/origin-a-huge-success-says-electronic-arts.html


Electronic Arts (EA) has described the first year of its Origin service as a "huge success".


The online platform played host to 12 million downloads and attracted 50 publishing partners over the last 12 months.


EA senior VP of global e-commerce David DeMartini described the service's first year as "foundational" and promised to add new social and gameplay-enhancing features in the future.


"We want to put features in place where we fully take advantage of your friends lists and gameplay activities amongst all of your friends so you can compare achievements," DeMartini told GameSpot.


"We want you to be able to challenge your friends, and to challenge your friends to play other EA games to try and achieve things that might even be across EA games."


DeMartini went on to say that he would like to host third-party games from the likes of Activision and Take-Two Interactive providing the publishers were "open-minded".


"If Activision was open-minded, we're absolutely willing to take on their great titles. Diablo 3 is a great game. Call of Duty will be very popular. Take-Two... I mean there are a couple of large publishers out there that are not on Origin," he added.


EA's Origin got off to a shaky start due to controversy over a user data collection clause in its licensing agreement, and the banning of some customers for violating its terms of service.



That's what they say, but the lies..... Even if EA is already the worst rated company in America, calling for some success starting with this is not the answer. I am more concerned about sales as EA continues to struggle with good gaming lately and its usage of DRM.

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Sounds like propaganda BS from where I came from. Its hilarious, its like how my government set ugly policies, control the press to release fake news to self praise and imaginary interviewees to praise how awesome it is. Story of my life.

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Its not difficult to be successful when you're already one of the largest game publisher in the world, and one day you declare, all games must now use Origin.


I find it a little ironic that in the article they go on about how Activision isn't "open minded" because they won't sell on Origin. And yet EA refuses to sell many of their newer games on Steam. I guess they're not, "open minded" either. :P


I've used Origin for a while now, its not nothing special. Steam is far superior I suppose in time EA will get their act together, but in the here and now, its not very impressive.

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