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Spanish subtitles for TS cinematics

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Hello everyone! I'm a bored C&C fan from Spain looking for things to do.

I'm thinking about adding subtitles to the Tiberian Sun cinematics, coding and decoding from .vqa to .avi to .vqa again.

Unfortunately, my English level is not good enough to understand every spoken word, but I'm pretty sure I can translate it once I read it.

English friends! Would you spend a bit of your time transcribing the cinematic dialogues to a plain text file? You would make spaniard dreams come truesmile.gif

Thank you all.

PS.: This thread is based on this one http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/14882-translating-fs-videos-to-spanish/ , where this guy got help at doing the same thing with Firestorm :P

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Uhh... the Firestorm ones were only made because Firestorm wasn't released in Spanish. There is an official Spanish dub version of the TS videos.

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I'm not sure he ever continued the project... since, as I mentioned, there is an official Spanish dub for TS.

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