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Visceroids in C&C

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I've finished the entire game,including Covert Operations New Missions,with all factions(including dinosaurs) but I never encountered a single Visceroid. I've seen like hundreds of infantry died by tiberium poisoning in the game but not a single one mutated. I believe Visceroids already exist before Tiberian Sun and I'm aware they look like maroon blobs (I've seen them in Sole Survivor and some Red Alert 1 Mod) but can someone tell me which part of the game they appear.


Do they appear at all in the missions or do we get to see them from random multiplayer crates?

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They spawn randomly in multiplayer, and from crates too, but they don't appear in any official single player mission, and unlike in TS, infantry dying on tiberium does not mutate into them. The only trace of them in single play is the Hell Valley cutscene in the game. You see a couple of visceroids in it, and it also shows veinhole monsters.

If you play some custom missions, though, they sometimes include them. I know I used them in my Tiberium Power Plant mission, which is available in Chimas' single player missions collection, as part of the Chemical War minicampaign.

If you're curious...
That's what they look like :D


Huh. Chimas' list says my Chemical War minicampaign isn't available yet. Well. you can also get it here:

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I see. I thought the storyline might have a little detail about them because some people don't know what's a Visceroid since they didn't read the readme.


Thanks for the explanation, Nyerguds. :):thumbsup:

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