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  1. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    C&C3 and RA3 did a good job telling me to keep my expectations low on C&C4 (before it released) so I'm gonna do it again, not expecting anything with the same standards as Red Alert or Tiberian Dawn if a new C&C is gonna come out.
  2. GDI Mission 10 - Bug?

    Try selling any enemy building you capture, happened before I coudn't beat a red alert mission until I sold the captured enemy buildings as if the game didn't recognize it being "eliminated".
  3. Why Challenger is so easy in Zero Hour?

    The game (released version of Generals:Zero Hour) is incomplete. Too many unused units, structures, upgrades, general powers, generals for challenge mode, gameplay features and quotes. I believe it is because of time constraints. They had a lot of good ideas and features for the game, but they didn't implement many of them, so the game isn't as good as it can be if they just fully utilize the cut content and tweak the generals in the challenge to fully make use of their exclusive units, upgrades and general powers. As for the FinalBig thingy, I haven't touch it for years but I remember getting a lot of help editing stuffs by using a search engine.
  4. C&C With a New Storyline

    Battlefield 2 is a good game. Why don't EA just make an RTS version of it for the Generals sequel, a simple modern warfare game with GLA is a good enough game for a Generals 2 with some C&C stuffs in it like resource collecting, power planting, base building, etc. Same goes for Tiberian sequels, just an RTS remake of Battlefield 2142 is good enough. I like dystopian future settings, with Earth resources are scarce, global warming and ice age happens, tiberium spreading, etc. Tiberian Sun is good with all those walkers, playing at snow maps reminds me of Star Wars. The Firestorm campaign reminds me of Days of future past and Terminator. A dark and terrible future is what I'm hoping for.
  5. James Bond 24 new title -- SPECTRE

    I thought Casino Royale was a reboot of the Bond films. If this is true, then Blofeld's death in For Your Eyes Only wouldn't matter. By the way, what happened to Mr.White and Quantum?
  6. C&C With a New Storyline

    I want C&C5, the return of Kane.
  7. How to define a C&C game

    Wait, he didn't mention Sole Survivor (it should be 35% based on his opinion).
  8. Visceroids in C&C

    I see. I thought the storyline might have a little detail about them because some people don't know what's a Visceroid since they didn't read the readme. Thanks for the explanation, Nyerguds.
  9. I've finished the entire game,including Covert Operations New Missions,with all factions(including dinosaurs) but I never encountered a single Visceroid. I've seen like hundreds of infantry died by tiberium poisoning in the game but not a single one mutated. I believe Visceroids already exist before Tiberian Sun and I'm aware they look like maroon blobs (I've seen them in Sole Survivor and some Red Alert 1 Mod) but can someone tell me which part of the game they appear. Do they appear at all in the missions or do we get to see them from random multiplayer crates?
  10. People nowadays don't bother working hard, they just resort to unethical methods.
  11. At the CommandButton section, look for the word ButtonImage and change the button name. Make sure the new button name refers to an existing image in your game directory (eg. you want a button to look like a humvee thumbnail just change to ButtonImage = SAHummer). You can also put new images.
  12. Yes, it's possible. Just create a new tech building INI details (since the original one isn't meant to be buildable so you gotta add some cost,build speed,pre-requiste,etc,) Finally, create a command button and put that command button at the desired construction unit's command set.
  13. When is the next Half-Life game coming?I'm getting impatient,the last Half-Life game(which was in 2007) ended in a cliffhanger and it's been 7 years fans have been tortured with suspense and curiousity. If there is a sequel,is it gonna be Half-Life 3 or Episode 3 from the 2nd game(the one which they promised gonna be out in Christmas 2007 but never did)?
  14. These two generals are a standalone faction as they have their own INI file sperating from the playable generals.To make them playable you need BIG.file (at least that's what I used)and extract the INI files.The Prince Kassad campaign INI file is at Data/INI/Object/GC_Slth_GLABuilding/Unit/System and Dr.Thrax's is at Data/INI/Object/GC_Chem_GLABuilding/System/Units. Anyway just open the commandset.INI and add "GC_Chem_Command_ConstructGLAWorker" or"GC_Slth_Command_ConstructGLAWorker" at the respective general's command center command set and you can build workers that constructs buildings(and these buildings constructs the units) exactly like in the GLA mission 2 or USA mission 5. The GC_Chem is the usa mission 5's enemy and the GC_Slth is the GLA 2's enemy.
  15. annoying bug or whatever it is

    There's only rebels and scorpion tank attacked the village and loot the supplies,no RPG Troopers here if I remember correctly,those UN Humvees are scripted to move away without noticing your troops.