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Apple vs the FBI

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What's your take on this?


I think Apple will prevail eventually since the FBI is making the foolish act of the century, forcing Apple to create a backdoor tool to temporarily unlock one encrypted iPhone which could compromise security and privacy to every Apple smartphone (and the other branded smartphones) in the world. If such a tool is created, anyone can make a clone or alternative of it. If anyone would ask the Chinese or any secret agency to unlock a terrorist's iPhone discreetly and covertly, the public shouldn't know about this.


But I can't believe Bill Gates and Donald Trump are supporting the FBI for this while almost everyone else is supporting Apple anyway.

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Pretty useless conversation....only serves to feed media, publicity and forums.

This is pretty much how that went:


Every intel/counter intel agency around the world which is worth its (mostly underfunded) budget is able/has people that can break through any encryption. The vital part about how and what they do consist about staying out of the public eye and more importantly silly ethics committees.


So here comes the FBI knocking at said intel divisions door: "Hey dudes, we're kind of stuck on this case because we're basically overpaid and relatively under achievers, we want to borrow your encryption breaking tech/services so our boss can look good on fox/cbs news etc etc and so we can prove we are worth the appropriations budget..which we are not"

Intel liaison: " Like we told the cia, nsa and homeland and any other agency...go **** yourself, if we help we'll be caught red handed next time you ****s let slip another Snowden through your hands, and our piss poor budget will be frozen while we have to stroke some senators and commission cocks. Go make a Jerry buckheimer tv show deal and leave the real work to the professionals."

So the FBI pisses off crying about how mean inter agency policy really is, then some Quantico preppy in a overpriced suit tells his boss:" Well what if we strong arm Apple to do the work for us, we'll use some pseudo law, quote some preceding cases, maybe drop the patriot act bomb etc etc...and we can have some else do our job for us!"


Hence the apple FBI predicament. Also Apple is probably negotiating a fee, because Apple giving a **** about consumer rights? Ginger Spice is a ruthless sleaze bag who uses his corporation to screw over people...so is Bill Gates but he tries to hide it..points for effort on his part?


Moral of the story...if the government really wants access to your personal dick pics on your overpriced apple...they have the right people for that. This case is a apple publicity stunt at the costs of exposing the silliness that is the FBI in this case. Apple might think itself the white knight here but in the bigger scope of things this is still a monty python movie!

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Of course they did. They could have all along. They were trying to set a very dangerous precedent. Luckily they failed... this time. They'll be back to try again eventually.

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They didn't have a particularity good case against Apple this time, it was in their best interest to back down when they had an out. If the court ruled on the side of the FBI, it would almost certainly go on to the supreme court where they would only get one shot at gaining unprecedented control with worldwide ramifications. If the supreme court ruled against the FBI, their dangerous game would be over forever (or at least until future technology made the ruling obsolete).


They will probably be back when they have a stronger case, and that is when the world should really be worried.

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