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Tiberium Alliances 16.3 Patch Notes

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Here's the summary of important changes, fixes and addition in the next big update for Tiberium Alliances. One the best new features is the 16.3 patch is adding some great performance improvements to the game, which you can see demonstrated here.



Release Notes - Version 16.3

PVP Loot Changes
Due to the increasing reports and level of exploits made by PVP combats, we decided to change the way PVP loot is distributed. The loot you can make in PVP is now capped to the crystal repair costs, incurred in the combat. This means you can only loot what you will have to afford to repair your units after each combat.

With this change, we will close the ongoing discussion about ever recurring issues with account eating. We declare PVP as a strategic tool for territory and Points of Interest.

Tip of the Day

New tips and tricks will show on the loading screen when starting up the game.



  • We fixed an issue with the default zoom and the zoom levels in base view where the game appeared to be blurry.
  • We fixed an issue with Forgotten bases spawning in a location that takes back territory from a POI but does not register on the POI and still remain under player control.
  • We fixed an issue where resources were wrongly displayed and visually deducted when selling a unit or structure.
  • We fixed an issue with dropping frames when moving base or support in the region view.
  • We fixed an issue with vanishing UI elements when docking your browser window to Windows UI
  • We fixed an issue where the sell shortcut (f) was not working in a substituted account.
  • We fixed an issue where if you overwrite an army setup in the combat simulator, the wrong setup name is displayed.
  • A new Speedworld badge type has been brought into the game.


Check out the full announcement topic right here.

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OMG! I can no longer loot from enemy bases? :(


Comment of the day for me~

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Ah, so this is how PvP is continuing to be unhelpful with this resource nerf. That should only fit for the public testing worlds.


I left TA after earning a badge in the smaller test world, and this latest update only brings minor changes to the overall game itself. And after all this time, still nobody in the C&C community is attempting to create a mission map (maybe in C&C3) overseeing the attack to the Forgotten bases and the fortress.

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Zocom7, just logged here to reply that when C&C3 mod Tiberium Essence gets the 2.0 release with the Forgotten faction, I have my little campaigns updated with the mutants, and some missions could be either defending such fortress as the Forgotten or attack it as GDI or Nod, perhaps Scrin...


though I'm surprised that nothing such was made with The Forgotten mod...

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