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Red Alert 2 on Android (it works!)

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Decided to give RA2 a try with ExaGear (You can get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eltechs.es), and the results are quite impressive!


Here's an imgur post with my instructions to get it going: http://imgur.com/QPMMeGE


You can also read them here if you want:



Needs quite a lot of tweaks. Regular RA2 plays super smooth at 640x480, 16bpp and low graphics settings. Yuri's Revenge requires AT LEAST 800x600 resolution, and loading screens take about twice as long as regular RA2. Playable (albeit a bit laggy) on a Snapdragon 800, Nexus 5.


READ, VERY IMPORTANT: The regular wine dsound.dll works fine, but it has a major problem: all audios are the same volume. This means that the volume options have no effect, and sounds that are supposed to be quiet (tank engines, credits up/down sounds, ambience) are the same volume as the music and foreground noises (unit voices, building deployment sounds, Lt. Zofia/Eva, etc.) You have 2 ways to get around this:


1)Use the dsound.dll fix I provided on my previous ExaGear post. This option would be ideal, as it emulates every sound in the game faithfully. HOWEVER, this has a major drawback. Sounds will cut off and sound terrible if frames drop, and that includes EVERY sound. Awful. You would need something much better than a SD800 to use this fix.


2)This option works for everyone: delete all offending sounds in the audio .mix file. This sounds hard, but it's not. Also, you can download a patch from here: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/20074-extended-units-voicepack-in-vanilla-ra2/ that adds the new unit voice sounds from Yuri's Revenge.


Download XCC Utilities: http://xhp.xwis.net/utilities/ and open XCC Mixer. Once it is open, click "Launch" on top of the window and open XCC Sound Editor. Select RA2.


Now, you would need to delete the credits up/down sounds, ambience noises and other useless stuff. Most ambience noises have filenames that begin with "a", credits up/down start with "u" and vehicle noises are right under their quotes, most of the time, and have something like "sta" in their filenames. You should play every audio to make sure. I cannot distribute my edited .mix, so you'll have to do it yourself.


If you have downloaded the voice patch, follow my instructions:

1)Put the .inis in your game folder.

2)Open XCC Mixer, and open your langmd.mix file.

3)Open audio.mix, and extract audio.bag and audio.idx.

4)Now, launch XCC Sound Editor again, but this time choose "open". A dialog will pop up and tell you to select your audio files. Select the files you just extracted.

5)Now, all the new unit voices aren't scattered around, they are right next to each other. They start around the Chrono Miner's voice and end around Romanov's. Select them all and extract them to a folder (SELECT YOUR EXTRACTION PATH TO AVOID CLUTTERING YOUR DESKTOP!)

6)Now, close the window and open XCC Audio Mixer in RA2 mode. Select all your extracted .wavs and drag n' drop them in the window. Press OK, and you're ready to go!




And here's a gameplay video, filmed with a potato (Sorry for that, but I don't have anything else other than an old phone to record):



This is my first post in this forum, so hi everyone!

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RA2 sure is getting a lot of love from port-happy fans :D


The controls seem a bit on the tedious side, though.



Believe it or not, the controls are as good as they get for a touchscreen! Only bad thing is you can't scroll "natively" with touch (like in a website, or google maps), you need to drag your finger to move your mouse to the edge of the screen.


They work like this:




Tap: Left click

Long tap then move finger: Long left click (for selection boxes)




Tap: Right click

Long tap then move finger: Move cursor without clicking


Swiping left/right/up/down then holding scrolls the map, and you can toggle shift and press hotkeys (cannot be customized, so you will have to change the in-game hotkeys)


They seem hard at first, but aren't too hard to get used to. When I have some minutes to spare, I play a skirmish or two. Shame it takes around 2 minutes to get into one...

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I like the idea, except that ExaGear Strategies app isn't free for unlimited use. :mellow::mellow::mellow::mellow::mellow::mellow::mellow:

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Nmenth    230

Well, there IS a way to get it for free, but I don't know if it's allowed to mention here...

Probably not.

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