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- Intel Core i7 7700k Unlocked CPU
- MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard
- MSI GeForce GTX 1050ti 4GB Video Card
- Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) (2 free slots)
- Samsung 960 EVO 250GB m.2 SSD HDD
- WD Black Edition 2TB secondary HDD
- EVGA SuperNova 750w Gold Modular Power Supply
- NZXT Kraken x42 Liquid CPU Cooler
- NZXT Source s340 Elite Mid Tower Case Black/Red (Tempered Glass Side Panel)
- Arctic Thermal Paste for CPU

AUD $2220 + tax


It's for work, for use with the adobe suite of software (Premiere Video Editing in particular).

No monitors or peripherals needed.

I don't want to spend any more, it's already over budget, but for an incremental cost that will last me longer I am open to suggestions. More importantly is there something I can do to shave cost but not performance???

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While everything else is okay..... only 3 things.

1) Do you really need a liquid CPU cooler? A CPU fan that comes with thermal paste is merely okay. A liquid CPU cooler costs more than a CPU fan.

2) The RAM is expensive this time of year due to more RAM chips being used on newer smartphones and tablets leaving to a short supply of RAM chips to desktops and laptops. 16 GB is enough. The average price of 16 GB RAM is around $100 USD (or AUD $131.75).

3) Go for a smaller size (like a 120 or 150 GB) or lower brand SSD because a Samsung 250 GB SSD is still expensive today.

Edit: You didn't mention of an optical drive, let alone use flash drives and external hard drives as backup.

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Thanks for your comments PG27

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Thanks DD, but in the absence of other comments, I have gone ahead and placed the order as quoted.

Now I am thinking a about keyboard/mouse combos. The computer will be stored at my feet, and for plugging in portable usb and phones to collect media, I was thinking about getting a wired keyboard with usb pass through ports. Does anyone have any experience with those? I've normally used wireless keyboard / mouse keyboards and they have been fine...


Looking at options, but everything seems to be ultra-gaming-styled and I need plain business style...

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Yeah if it's not for gaming a Ryzen would have been the better choice. I also don't really get the choice of graphics card, the way higher memory speed and cuda cores could have helped a ton in video editing, though I don't know if the programs you're using have solid gpu utilization.

From what I remember after 16gb ram there is a serious drop off of performance per dollar in adobe programs, so I probably would have gone with less ram and a better gpu.

Edited by Lauren

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ok and oh well.

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