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Rusted Warfare

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Need some more RTS in your life? Enjoy the likes of TA, Supreme Commander and a little known game called Command & Conquer?

Well you might like Rusted Warfare.

It's cheap as chips, and really rather good!



STEAM LINK: http://store.steampowered.com/app/647960/Rusted_Warfare__RTS/

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Well that RTS is far better than the **** Petroglyph was doing with 8-Bit games.

Worth checking it out.

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Released this month and $6 NZD? I won't count on it to be a long game but I support the idea of a project like this.

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It's not too bad Single Player wise..

  • Missions - 8 (Campaign) Missions
  • Skirmish - 37 Maps
  • Challenge - 7 Challenges
  • Endless Survival - 3 Maps
  • Custom Maps
  • Sandbox Mode

Plus you've got Multiplayer on any of those 37 skirmish maps, plus any custom maps that are created. Full modding support exists as well.

It may not be the prettiest game when it comes to the maps, but the RTS mechanics are some of the strongest, most highly polished that exists in the indie games scene. I'd even go as far to say they're better than a lot of the RTS attempts of the mid/late 90's and even most modern attempts from the last few years. Content wise it's got more than these games as well. You certainly cannot argue that for the price point. 

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Play Total Annihilation or SupCom instead, this has absolutely nothing that those games don't have. Typical generic indie RTS bullshit.

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