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An old preview with some rare pre-release screenshots

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5 hours ago, MrFlibble said:

including the elusive image with the NATO logo on the sidebar:

Holy shit, finally one that's in original quality!

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Yesterday I was randomly browsing archive copies of a Russian online/electronic gaming mag called PC Review, and they have two interesting shots of Red Alert in a guide/walkthrough for the game:

tKjwvM5.jpg oNrNqkl.jpg

Apparently these are screenshots from a working pre-release version of the game, with the main noticeable difference being the sidebar design which is very similar to that from C&C. I don't think I've ever encountered such screenshots before. The shots seem to show actual gameplay, no mock-ups. No idea if a pre-release version was sent out to reviewers or leaked, or any other way these images could have become public. Maybe via a trade show like E3?

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I always wonder how you have encyclopedic knowledge of so many obscure sites with pre-final screenshots.

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Oh, that's relatively simple, I search for them. Once I realised the potential of the Wayback Machine (which was a few years ago), I started digging what I could find. Once you discover a site or two (I was looking for shareware games, the links were in the supplied documentation), eventually you come across more links to other sites. Many game developers or publishers were glad to post links to positive reviews on their games' pages, gaming websites had links sections with links to more sites (many not preserved at all sadly) etc. etc. Also some people still keep knowledge of such sites, and searching Google Groups helps too.

That said, most of the stuff I've posted here are very certainly chance findings I made while looking for something else altogether :)

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2 hours ago, MrFlibble said:

Oh, that's relatively simple, I search for them.

You still need to know what to look for, and your MobyGames point count shows that you essentially have a connection to 1998 Internet.

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