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Garrisoned Banner Carrier issue

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Has anyone been able to solve the issue where if a squad is garrisoned in any building (but especially noticeable with the Civilian bunker), and get a banner carrier upgrade (ie the Confessor upgrade), the banner unit will be visible?

Is it fixable?




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I know some nasty bugs you can do with garrisoned inf, that whole garrison code seem to be buggy xP


Did setting the banner's model to use invisible/gun model while inside garrisons didn't helped?

I think I may have bumped into something in the definitions that allow us to hide it in some conditions but don't sure...

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It happens with banner carriers often, I think its because of inside garrison models. Havent tried to change it yet though to check if it resolves the issue. 🔜

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I did a quick fix.

A structures where garrisoned units can fire their weapon have 'AttributeModifierAuraUpdate' that gives the garrisoned units certain buffs.

If you find the 'AttributeModifier' referenced in the 'AttributeModifierAuraUpdate': 'AttributeModifierName' attribute, add a 'ModelConditionsSet' attribute to it with  the model condition: 'INSIDE_GARRISON'.

Result = When a squad that is garrisoned is upgraded with a banner carrier upgrade, the 'Banner Carrier' will briefly show, then correctly disappear (this depends upon what point the 'AttributeModifierAuraUpdate' 'RefreshDelay' is).

There is certainly a better solution out there, but I do not have hours to spend testing for it.

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