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CNCNZ.com Is Online for 22 Years

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The site being an info hub is the reason I found it in the first place all those years ago, as it had a treasury of fixes, files and information that I couldn't easily find anywhere else. In many ways, it's far superior to anything EA unfortunately bothered to set up as an official C&C site. And being fan-lead and community-wide interconnected, I trust CNCNZ will remain a beacon of the C&C franchise in whatever form you deem best suitable for the job.

I really miss the old filefront repository type system where "multiple clicks" always got me what I needed. Although newcomers and many of us that are now used to simpler designes might feel overwhelmed if met head on with such a system nowadays. As long as the landing pages remain streamlined to not repel visitors with too much information or lists all at once, whatever systems in place to organize files and information that are one or two click-levels deeper into the site should be good.

I think I can humbly and respectfully speak for many of us in the wider community when I say that CNCNZ's contribution to keeping C&C alive, as well as that of the dedicated staff here, is a true inspiration and that we are very glad to see such a site still around. Thank you for keeping the site going against all odds, many of us (even though not always around to show it) sincerely appreciate it!

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22 years? Well, that's quite an achievement! I have always appreciated CNCNZ's mission in providing community news and hosting a library of fixes, solutions, and lore discussion for the C&C games we all love to play.

You have my respect for continuing to lead this website for fans old and new, as CNCNZ will always be an important piece of the wider C&C community. To see it celebrate its anniversary is a welcome sight, and I am certain there are many more years to come! For Kane!

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Somehow this news made Sonic unexpectedly to come back. I hope this site keeps going forever.

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