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I've been around for awhile, but many of you may not have heard of me. :P


I mostly mapped for Renegade (Ex: Night0X, Ruins0X) and not much else. But I broke down and started this mod. :)


Project Luukos (Version 0.01)


If you have any ideas you would like to add, please feel free to post it here. :) I have the presets for a rocket launcher weapon and sniper weapon and will be adding some laser weapon and a grenade (if Renegade can support grenade throwing :( )


If you are by yourself, atleast check it out, but the real experience is playing with people. 2 vs 2 was fun, I couldn't image more. I know there is only one level, but I'm going to have more for the next version. :D


I'm hoping to add more to it. More weapons and more characters, but that comes with development.




PS: I just started a bit on the SP today. Not much, but I started! =D


EDIT: BTW, I'm looking for some help, if you have any skills with modelling weapons or characters or level design, send me a PM with some screenshots of some work. I won't beable to do it all alone. :cry:


One more thing I forgot to add...

I thought I would bring this up right quick.


I DID NOT MAKE THE WEAPONS OR VEHICLE MODELS. I just got them to work in Renegade.


Everything else (as much as I can remember) was done by me (level, that character, getting the headlights to work, game balance,... ).


And cannot forget some screenies.







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I tested out the single player and got it to work. :o:)


Now if I can just figure out a few more things, then I can really start creating a progressive single player map. Although, I lack models. I need human models. :cry: If anyone is interested into donating some "good" (not to put down beginners) human models, I'd be more than happy to use them if they fit what I'm looking for. :)


Like stated before, any help would be appreciated. :)

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Could you tell me what is that creature in hte first photo?

I think you can make grenade work, if I'm not wrong, Ren Alert has grenades, it can work like a grenade launcher with new animation.

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Here's an update.


Tell me what you think...and yes, I am playing the "Single Player" way this is the first mission. I'm starting you all out in a nice lovely prison and something helps you atleast escape from your prison box. The way out is your problem. ;) Hehe. This mission will end with escaping the prison, I guess I need to work on a story line before I start trucking way. :P


Most models will be replaced later, but for now, I'll just use my 1337 character that drops your FPS. And...I'm in the works at fixing that too.






BTW, it took my forever to figure out the scripts to get the objectives to work (which does work in multiplayer too :) ). Thumbs up to JW on those scripts. B)


Opinions? :lol:

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for the grenades, just use a grenade launcher, xcept make the grenade launcher invisible, and reposition the hand poition

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Is the page for the mod download page not up anymore or something because I tried to go to the link and it said the page is not available.

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Is the page for the mod download page not up anymore or something because I tried to go to the link and it said the page is not available.
Ditto, btw I love your 0x Maps Slash

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Guest Rabbit

Well, it looks like it's hooked up straight to his IP adress. The link will remain dead until he starts his computer again, I think.

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