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yah but the pants thing wasn't a question, it was a statement :P

all the clothes sizes an stuff just confuses me so i just get things that look the right size or a tiny bit bigger that way they fit n.n

if it's one thing i've learnt, baggy clothes always look good on me... makes me look even smaller then i am =3

(never a bad thing right?)


oh yah @ the soviet picture XD; i didn't think to open it when i asked that... it looked an identical screenshot to the one you sent (had i bothered to look the giant demo truck rush would have given it away as opposed to a total yuri vehicle rush) i mean same buildings an number of units/positions... come to think of it you were purple in the pic you sent me x__x;

stop laughing at me i'm a naive idiot with memory problems q~p

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*is scared of the big picture* Argh!


Here is a pictue of all my lighters:



From left to right:

1) My favourite lighter - when you open it, a blue light comes on, and it has a green flame! :twisted:

2) C'mon, everyone knows what a Zippo looks like. I want to get it engraved, but what with, I have no idea. Maybe Yuri's logo. :lol:

3) My New Zealand lighter. It has our national plant, the Silver Fern, on it, along with our national bird - the kiwi - between them. Also, it has the word, "New Zealand" along the bottom. It also has an orangey/bronzey kinda coloured flame.

4) A christmas present to myself, from last year. :P A nice lighter, but nothing to write home about, but the thin strip in the middle used to light up red. Dosen't anymore. :( Blue flame!

5) Finally, a lighter that my sister got me when she went to china a few weeks back. A very nice lighter, but I like 1) and 3) the best. :P

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heres a pic of my actual Zippo (or at least one that has the same design)





but heres the one I wanted. They were all out of stock though :(




for anyone who doesnt know, the red flag with the blue bars is the flag of the Confederate States of America. US Civil War.

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You're a smoker Cygnus? Hmm... Interesting...


Personally I like those fake electric lighters.. When people try and use em' they get shocked... ;)

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I smoke and burn stuff...I'm such a pyromaniac. I made a flame-thrower out of a Super Soaker and petrol when I was a kid...man I was lucky the thing didn't explode in my face due to the drawback of airflow or whatever happens. Although...the end was totally munted up and melted...so cool!!!



I'm probably gunna die in a fiery ball of flames...I think it suits me. :lol: :lol:

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I've never tried the SUper soaker thing. To scared it would blow up or melt.

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*laughs* C'mon, I'm not that bad. Burning stuff may be a specialty of mine...but I can do other things! Like...burn more stuff... :twisted: :lol:

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:roll: :roll:


You guys need to get out more.... Though, in the interest of protecting society and people in general... Don't go outside... ;)

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Hey, I still have to work my ass off like everybody else, so I have to go outside most of the time. Don't worry, I'm not going to burn down buildings and blow up petrol barrels (although it's tempting).


Don't worry, if I ever met one of you guys in real life, I will refrain from setting your stuff on fire. :wink:

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... ... ... i hope that was a joke... if you ever set or pretended to set fire to me, my hair, my clothes or any of my stuff i'd cry a lot and loudly. then you'd either be beat up by random guys or would feel very very guilty! oo;

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:lol: :lol: Now would I actually set fire to someone/something? Jeez, who do you think I am? Haha, I was joking, don't you guys worry.


Getting back on topic:



A very nice drawing by yours truely, even though it's quite small, and not very detailed (hey, I suck at drawing :P).



Teh kewl!

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WOW no ones posted here for a few days ....


hope i dont get in trouble for this :D








most of you have seen these :cry: but not all of you :D

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That's because no-one liked my pictures :P


Hrm..speaking of pictures, where are yours? They're not showing up at all. :?





SHROOMS!!! :lol: :lol:

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How do you get the pics on ur sig:?....i know...sounds stupid

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Its need to know information. And you don't need to know.. :P


Naa its simple. You just get the url of your image and place it in image tags in the text box of your sig...






Simple. :D

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How to make mincemeat out of someone who was originally pwning you, yet somehow forgot that Overlords can run over enemy vehicles...




Take 3(three) Heroic Overlord Tanks, add 1(one) Nuclear tank upgrade, 1(one) Uranium Shells upgrade and place into a large field outside an enemy base.


From there, take 1(one) Heroic Overlord, place a Bunker on it's back, and fill the Bunker with 5(five) Heroic Tank Hunters. Take the other two Heroic Overlords and place a Speaker Tower and a Gattling Cannon respectivly on their backs.


Add to this mixture of doom:




3(three) Heroic Helix Helicopters, 1(one) Black Napalm upgrade, 3(three) Napalm Bomb bays (one each), and install another Bunker, Speaker Tower and Gattling Cannon on a respective Helix. Take the Helix installed with a Bunker and fill it with 5(five) more Heroic Tank Hunters.


Roll up to the enemy base, and blow 'em away in thirty seconds flat.


You now have a recipie for a delicious feast!


Best comeback ever!

:D:twisted: :twisted: :D

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My MiG would, of course! :lol:


MAN! JEEZ! How would that thing move?


It would take at least two or three seperate squadrons of 24 Tactical Nuclear MiGs each to take that beast down..hell! Even more! Maybe even 10 squadrons of 24 MiGs each! Just how would you beat that thing?!


I think that my Behemoth Emporer Overlord Tank would make it a somewhat fair fight. :lol: :twisted:




Bring it on, foo... :P

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Dark Kodiak did you make that or just rip it?

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Its someone elses :P


i have better mig but too lazy to scan it and post it here


and for the ..... thing .... its someone elses too :P


i have great imagination for destructive things, but alas you will never see them cuz i dont know where to get a program to make some :(


if you just saw what i had in my head youll awe yourselves do death :wink:

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