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Doctor Destiny

YR: Enhanced 1.3

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Boris is really packin' some heat this time around. ;)




Enter Rykov, Tanya's replacement. Hailing from Soviet Russia, Rykov joined the Allied forces to strike back at Romanov's corrupt regime for killing his family. Rykov has the best Allied training, the latest weaponry and the best battlegear. He is quite a deadly fellow.


Armed with a railgun, Rykov makes short work of infantry and tanks in little more than a few short bursts. Also packing C4 explosives, he can demolish structures in mere seconds.

Credits: Solidus (infantry SHP)


Allied Medic


Recent battle reports have shown that Allied armies have Medics back into full training. No one is sure why the Allies ever stopped their training. However, one thing is for sure: their presence can be felt everywhere.

Credits: Lord Kal (Medic SHP)


Soviet Mechanic


Here comes another relic from previous wars: the Mechanic. This time, it's in Soviet hands. As before, the Mechanic repairs vehicles in the midst of battle and like the previous war, he is just as efficient.

NOTE: Mechanics can repair enemy and civilian vehicles and do not stop repairing when their target reaches full health. This is due to the logic used to make Mechanics true infantry instead of vehicle-hacked infantry.

Credits: Westwood Studios (Engineer SHP)

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rykov is gona b stealth cuz he looks like he should be....n can swim or jet pak EVEN!

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yea you should keep tanya....she's an essential part to the Allied cause...plus shes hot...and knows how to shoot :oops: sheesh lol KEEP HERRR


as i said before it would be uber COOOOOLLLL if rykov had a jet pack or could swim likea seal and yes the great tanya....also he'd be so much better if he was stealth....i mean this is my opinion but i think everyone can agree

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Not tanya!!!!

She is sooo hot man!

Her nice body mmmmmm oh how I like her........I want to.....

errr I mean Yeah! Replacing tanya is wrong!!

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She's still in missions. :roll:


I replaced Tanya for a good reason: she was a clone of the Navy SEAL with tank C4. The Allies needed a hero with different abilities and a different weapon. Rykov has range against static defenses, something Tanya sorely lacked.

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New Stolen Tech #1: Tesla Commando


The Tesla Commando is the hybrid of Soviet tesla technology and the Navy SEAL. His MP5 is electrically charged so it fires bolts of lightning that devastate enemy infantry and vehicles. He packs the same C4 charges that the standard SEAL carries. Since he wears Tesla armor, he is slower and unable to swim.

Credits: Westwood Studios (original Navy SEAL image)


New Stolen Tech #2: Tesla Ivan


The Tesla'd version of Crazy Ivan differs very little from his original counterpart. He's still the same maniac but his bombs are electrically charged so the resulting explosion detonates in a haze of electricity. This Ivan attaches bombs to structures as normal.

Credits: Westwood Studios (original Crazy Ivan image)


New Stolen Tech #3: Tesla Corps


The most proficient of all of the tesla enhanced infantry. Yuri's Psi Corps have melded their psychic energy with tesla power to create a tesla mind blast. Sound unimpressive, doesn't it? With the addition of the tesla energy, the Corps mind blast is able to deal significant damage to vehicles and structures as well. Anything caught within the blast radius is certain to suffer.

Credits: Westwood Studios (original Yuri image)


New Stolen Tech #4: Corps Elite


Since Yuri's Psi-Corps Troopers already have mind controlling abilities, it was a question of how he would develop his own technology. The answer was not as obvious as it would seem. The obvious choice would be to enhance the mind control ability.


The Corps Elite is able to establish two simultaneous links with enemy units. However, the secondary weapon is where the big change begins. Logical thought would presume a beefed up psi wave would be in use but this is not the case. The Corps Elite use kinetic waves as their secondary, which become their weapon for structural assaults.

Credits: Westwood Studios (original Yuri Prime image)

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Creative name, eh? :P Anyway... this is one of the bigger features for 1.3. "The Mode" makes tons of extra changes and even adds some new goodies for added fun.



Deploying Conscripts... Just one of the many changes you'll find inside this mode.



Yuri going conventional? CAN'T BE! Yep, s'true. Yuri has his own doggie now.



Now, this is more Yuri. Subterannean sneak attacks. Yup, definitely Yuri.



The Soviets with an artillery? Why I never! However, this one leaves fire.



It's a tank... with a laser. What else is there to say?


Credits List:

- Detail [deploying Conscript]

- The I-Man, ArgCmdr [Yuri Attack Dog, Dog cameo]

- Lefthand, Daz [Worm APC and cameo]

- Apollo [Dragon Artillery voxel]

- Just West [Laser Tank voxel]

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Looking good dude, though considering Yuri's army consists of Psychic units, and Attack Dogs were/still are mainly used for the Psi-Corps Troopers (as well as other infantry of course), dosen't Yuri having a dog of his own become sort of obsilete? Just a thought, enlighten me on your reasons! :P

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There are no big reasons. It's just a fun little addition for Yuri's Army. You don't have to train them you know but they do come in handy.

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Fair enough..though I wonder if it'll actually give him any decent tactical advantage. My guess is no. But, like you said, 'tis a nice little fun addition. :P

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Allied Airpad


Realizing their foolishness in spending extra money for more aircraft space, the Allies took the radar equipment off of their Airforce Command Center. The Airpad is nothing more than the attached landing pads. Airpads hold 4 aircraft each but have no radar capability or technological capability. In effect, an AFC HQ must be present to have radar and aircraft. Airpads come at a cost of a mere $500 each.

Credits: Westwood Studios (AFC HQ SHPs), gamemate (cameo)

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Can anyone say 'done so many times before it's not that interesting anymore'? :wink:

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I suppose. But you announce it like it's something new and exciting. :P


All you have to do is say: "The airpad. Take a look at it. It's obvious as to what it does." :P :wink:

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Eh, He's just giving it flavor for a backgound story. That's all. It more or less comes down to the final product and people's gaming POV. I like the new dog unit along with the extras that have be shown. Makes the mod different as well as a sense of fun to play.

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Guest Rabbit
I suppose. But you announce it like it's something new and exciting. :P


All you have to do is say: "The airpad. Take a look at it. It's obvious as to what it does." :P :wink:


Well, you never know, there might be people enough to not know what that is.

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Fenring, I belive you are one of 3 people to know of a certain "upgrade" to Yuri Attack dogs that was orginally thought up for Conflict of Interests


Werewolf. Replaces dog. Much more useful for Yuri. Turns enemy troops into werewolves. Can use new wolves as grinder fodder or for power plants.


Unbalanced you say ? Think about it. Same armor and speed as dogs. Cept for swimming (maybe ranked dogs and wolves get swimming ??)

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