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Doctor Destiny

Beowulf's Rules 2.1 - Released!

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For those out of the loop, here you go! ;)


Udpated link - http://www.freedomstudios.net/bwr/bwrules21b.zip


An Introduction...

Beowulf's Rules is a modification for Red Alert 2 that aims to bring balance to both armies, while adding some extras to enhance gameplay even further. Every single unit in the game has been changed in some way to give it more purpose in battles or less overpowering to keep games more even. No longer are late games stack in favor of the Allies, nor are the other countries less appealing to use. Each country has bonuses to give them an edge in some fashion but at the same, a negative effect is in place to keep the bonus in check; additionally, each country will have certain trained at veteran.




The AI has undergone a massive overhaul. No longer will it be the pathetic pushover it once was. No longer will a small contingent of one type of unit win games against an AI player. The AI attacks much harder and more viciously than before, and it defends itself well. In addition to the attack and defense, the AI builds more factories to boost its production and

also uses repair depots.



Miscellaneous Changes...

There are plenty of little changes here and there to expand the gameplay in multiplayer or spice up the look of the game itself. The main interface of the game has a brand new appearance to change things up a bit; the in-game font has been changed as well.


Here's a snippet of the title screen;



Another small change is the Soviet build clock. Instead of being yellow, it is a more suiting shade of red.



However, let's not forget skirmish and multiplayer, where the real meat of the game resides. While much of it is the same, many new game modes have been added and old ones updated. Game modes once only available online are now enabled for use in skirmish games. In addition to new modes, the two main types of play have been filtered and separated.




As mentioned previously, each country in the game has a positive effect and a negative effect, as well as certain units being automatically trained at veteran. Here's what each country has;



Positive: +20% more ore per drop

Negative: +10% structure construction speed

Veteran Units: GI, Grizzly Tank


Great Britain

Positive: +20% infantry armor

Negative: +10% vehicle & vessel construction speed

Veteran Units: Navy SEAL, IFV



Positive: +20% structure & armory armor

Negative: -10% vehicle & vessel movement speed

Veteran Units: Chrono Legionnaire, Harrier



Positive: +20% vehicle & vessel armor

Negative: -10% infantry speed

Veteran Units: Guardian GI, Light Tank



Positive: +15% aircraft armor, +10% aircraft movement speed

Negative: +15% construction speed on armory structures

Veteran Units: Rocketeer, Prism Tank



Positive: -20% vehicle & vessel construction speed

Negative: +5% structure & infantry construction speed

Veteran Units: Tesla Trooper, Apocalypse Tank



Positive: -25% infantry training speed

Negative: +5% vehicle & vessel construction speed, -10% vehicle & vessel armor

Veteran Units: Conscript, Crazy Ivan, V3 Launcher, Kirov Airship



Positive: +20% vehicle & vessel movement speed

Negative: -10% infantry armor

Veteran Units: Attack Dog, Psi-Corps Trooper, Apocalypse Tank



Positive: +20% weapon strength

Negative: +10% infantry, vehicle & vessel construction speed

Veteran Units: Flak Trooper, Flak Track



Units & Structures

Outside of unit tweaking, there are several new units and structures in game for the Allies and Soviets. And among the additions, several units and structures have an upgraded appearance.


Allied Structures


The Allied Barracks, Refinery and War Factory have a new design, closer to their prerelease versions.




In addition to a new design, the Allied Destroyer has torpedoes for anti-submarine operations. The launch pad design has grown outdated so it has been replaced.


Soviet Vehicles


The Russian Tesla Tank and Soviet V3 Launcher have a full remap palette applied, reverting to their prerelease schemes.


Rhino Tank


The Rhino Tank, mainstay of Soviet armor columns, has a redesign. The new design resembles the mysterious 'Allied' vehicle pictured during installation in the mock schematics.


Demolition Truck


Instead of being a civilian vehicle, the Libyan Demo Truck has a shiny new design.


Now on to the actual additions to each army, beginning with the Allies.



Guardian GI

Requirements: Barracks

Cost: $400

Weapon: M60 pistol - anti-tank rockets

Purpose: anti-tank, anti-air

Instead of packing an anti-tank rifle, Guardian GIs pack anti-tank rockets. Able to fire at long ranges, they rip through heavily armored equipment with relative ease. Elite troopers have more explosive rockets that deal more damage to structures and have red-trails, as well.




Requirements: Barracks

Cost: $600

Purpose: infantry healing

Same as it ever was. Little has changed with the Medic or his abilities.




Requirements: Barracks, AFC HQ

Cost: $800

Weapon: portable Mini-Comet

Purpose: infantry-based siege, long-range assault

The Assaulter is the Allies' answer to the Tesla Trooper. They carry a portable version of the Prism Tank weapon, even capable of fragging like its tracked cousin. Like the Prism Tank however, the comet weapon is ineffective against tanks. Assaulters are most effective against clumps of infantry and structures.



Light Tank

Requirements: War Factory

Cost: $500

Weapon: 90mm cannon

Purpose: quick assault, assistance

A blast from the past comes back for another round. The Light Tank is just that - light. Nothing is really different about the latest incarnation.




Requirements: War Factory, AFC HQ

Cost: $800

Weapon: 155mm high-explosive cannon

Purpose: early base siege

Yet another blast from the Allied past, the Artillery, now named the Howitzer, makes an appearance. A few things have changed however. Accuracy has been drastically improved so the Howitzer almost always hits its target. Allied engineers altered the cannon shell to be less explosive so they would be less costly to produce.




Requirements: Naval Shipyard, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: 8-inch deck cannons

Purpose: naval-based siege

A blast from the past that haunts even the most experienced commanders. The Battleship works like it did in the previous conflict: bombard the enemy from extremely far away. Also like before, cannon blasts are wildly innaccurate.




Requirements: Airforce Command HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2000

Weapon: high-explosive Maverick missiles

Purpose: aerial base siege

Simply put, Raptors are base destroyers. They are most effective against static defenses like Tesla Coils and Grand Cannons but are equally effective at bombing factories into oblivion. While strong, Raptors are weakly armored and should be deployed with caution.


Allied Airpad

Requirements: Airforce Command HQ, Construction Yard

Cost: $500

Purpose: additional aircraft space

Instead of duplicating radar equipment for extra aircraft space, commanders are able to deploy these instead. The Airpad is essentially a stripped down AFC HQ with only the 4 landing pads.




Psi-Corps Trooper

Requirements: Barracks, Radar Tower

Cost: $1200

Weapon: mind-based assault, psychic pulse

Purpose: psychic-based assault

Essentially Yuri with a new name. He has the same abilities as before as little has changed among the psychic ranks.




Requirements: Barracks, Battle Lab

Cost: $1200

Purpose: infiltration, vehicle sabotage

The Agent is essentially the Soviet spy. He has the same abilities and performs the same operations as his Allied counterpart. However, Agents are able to hijack any enemy vehicle and even civilian ones.




Requirements: Barracks, Radar Tower, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapons: explosive Sniper rifle, C4 charges

Purpose: heavy base siege, Soviet hero

Long thought to be destroyed, Volkov comes back for another round in combat. He's as rough and tough as he was before, taking mountains of damage before finally collapsing in a pile of rubble. His sniper rifle makes short work of infantry and vehicles alike with its unique explosive properties and his C4 charges demolish structures in mere seconds.



Dragon Tank

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower

Cost: $800

Weapon: thermal cannon

Purpose: flame-based assault

Fire makes a glorious return to the Soviet arsenal. Instead of being stationary, its mobile this time around and mounted on treads. Like the flame weapons before it, the Dragon Tank excels at scorching squads of infantry.



YAK-24K Transport

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower

Cost: $1000

Purpose: aerial troop deployment & transport

Think Nighthawk without the radar invisibility. That's the Yak Transport in a nutshell.




Requirements: Airfield

Cost: $1500

Weapon: dual HE missiles

Purpose: aerial-based assault

A cross between the Black Eagle and Raptor in terms of power, the Soviet MiG is as useful as it was in the previous conflict. Fast and nimble, the Soviets' aircraft can easily turn enemy vehicles and structures into scrap.


Soviet Airfield

Requirements: Ore Refinery, Construction Yard

Cost: $500

Purpose: MiG landing space

A simple runway with one purpose: allow MiGs to land and restock their ammunition. Very simple in usage, very simple in design.



Psychic Beacon

Requirements: Battle Lab, Radar Tower, Construction Yard

Cost: $2000

Purpose: map reveal

No longer reserved for special purposes, the Soviets placed the Psychic Beacon into the regular construction queue. The beacon does nothing fancy, simply revealing the map in the same manner as the Allied SpySat.



Abrams Tank - American special

Requirements: War Factory, AFC HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: heavy assault cannon, twin MG ports

Purpose: heavy base assault

Large and in charge, the American Abrams Tank is devastation on treads. It packs the strongest cannon in the game, even outdoing the mighty Apocalypse Tank. The shells tear through vehicles and structures with supreme ease... but the fun doesn't stop there, oh no! The Abrams Tank packs machine gunners to strike squads of infantry and even Terror Drones.



Avenger - British special

Requirements: War Factory, AFC HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: dual anti-air lasers

Purpose: high-tech base defense

The British have taken prism and laser technology to new heights with their new Avenger, and that's quite literal, as well. The British Avenger is a superb anti-air vehicle that will knock any aircraft out of the sky in mere seconds. While packing a strong defensive weapon, the Avenger has no ground attack ability and has armor that's no more durable than a Prism Tank, nor is it suited for anti-missile operations.



Chrono MLRS - French special

Requirements: War Factory, AFC HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: high-explosive missiles

Purpose: sneak attacks

Like its counterparts, the Chrono MLRS zips about with little delay. Instead of packing a temporal displacement weapon, the French's new toy packs a missile launcher near the back of the vehicle. The missile it fires is special in itself as it fragments upon striking an infantry or vehicle, spraying the area with smaller missiles.



Panther Tank - German special

Requirements: War Factory, AFC HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: heavy assault cannon, high-explosive cannon

Purpose: heavy base assault

The Panther Tank is capable of firing two very distinct tank shells. There's the usual that's excellent against armor columns but not so effective against infantry. However, the Panther uses special ammunition against structure targets that is much more explosive; the Panther's specialized shells can shatter any structure with just a few rounds.



Firehawk - Korean special

Requirements: War Factory, AFC HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: heavy assault cannon, anti-air laser

Purpose: heavy base assault, anti-air

Despite being masters of the sky, the Koreans developed a new ground combat vehicle. While being a standard tank in design, the Korean's new Firehawk comes packed with anti-air lasers, similar to those used on the British Avenger. While not as strong, Firehawks are able to down heavy aircraft quite easily but due to cumbersome controls, they are unable to fire upon Rocketeers or Soviet rockets. The Firehawk's tank cannon performs like any standard tank, dealing good damage against armored taregts and not so well against infantry.




Tirhanov - Russian special

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: tesla-based cannon

Purpose: heavy base assault, infantry transport

The Russians with a heavy tank? No one ever thought up that one before! Anyway, the Tirhanov sports a 135mm tank cannon, which, in itself, is capable of tearing through heavy armor and structures rather quickly. Not even infantry are able to stand up to more than a couple blasts. However, the Tirhanov is more than just a tank, it is a transport as well. Up to five infantry can hunker inside, ready for a sneak attack.



Inferno Tank - Cuban special

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: thermal-based cannon

Purpose: heavy base assault, suicide attacks

Continuing their fanatical devotion to explosives, the Cubans have developed the Inferno Tank. Big and bulky, the Inferno Tank lumbers across the battlefield, firing specially designed cannon shells that explode in a fiery haze. The explosion does significant damage to infantry, and even to armored targets such as tanks and defensive structures. When promoted to elite, Inferno Tank explosions leave fire behind. And in tradition with their

radar special, the Inferno Tank can be ordered to deploy, exploding violently.



Rad Artillery - Iraqi special

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: nuclear-based cannon

Purpose: ranged base siege

The Iraqis continue with their deadly use of nuclear components. In this version, the Iraqis are using nuclear waste products inside of standard-fare tank shells. On contact, the shell releases the nuclear waste in a bionuclear cloud of death. Infantry will surely die but if not, the radiation left behind will do the job. Vehicles and structures are more resistant to the fallout and chemicals but repeated firing will surely wear down any vehicle.



Deathshard - Libyan special

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: high-explosive fragmentation cannon

Purpose: ranged base siege

While inaccurate, the Deathshard's mortar shots explode violently, sending shards of debris flying in every direction. Don't be fooled though. The debris is more destructive than it appears, causing substantial damage to infantry and even to tanks. However, unlike most Soviet units, the Libyan's new toy is not very heavily armored but is very speedy, making it an excellent hit and run unit.



Now here come the fun: getting the mod! Well, grab yourself a copy with this link! You should also take a peek at the credits list; see all who contributed to this project! Oh, and if you're blind, have another link... on me. :P

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Hey that looks pretty cool, I'll download that when I get one of my RA2 cravings. :nod:

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Holy ****, that looks great. Yea I'm with Luk3us, once I start getting urges I'll have to remember this.

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Oooooo I might give this a try tomorrow but just wondering is that avenger voxel public? been looking for one better than the one I got off YR

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Nevermind Found the voxel at YRarg

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Hi!Nice modding!I like the new units and what's more you even managed to get the soviets to have a MIG playable and an airfield which is my problem see here at My post

Thanks if anyone could help..

Nitrotic vader

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This is A good Mod for Ra2, Cant wait to play it!


10/10 ;)

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