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What is your favorite unit?

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:ts: : Hmm...Hard. Cyborg Commandos, Subterranean APCs or Artillery. (what? I like NOD.)


:cc3: : Mammoth Tanks. Powerful and Destructive. All I have to say.


:kw: : Purifiers. The Napalm (I think) fire is awesome looking and destructive, and how it's like the Avatars only it comes with most of the upgradable stuff.



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I think i like the Mammoth tank the most B) but the GDI commando in C & C 3 with the jet pack is also fun :D

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My favorite design goes to Mammoth-27. My favorite firepower goes to Purifier (don't count epic units).

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I would have to say the Redeemer and Purifiers because when you uprgrade the flame.It become for powerful.I love this units..Kind of killing machine..






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