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A Kane's Wrath Collectors Item

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Thanks to our community manager and good friend APOC I'm now in possession of a signed (by the devs) copy of Kane's Wrath.




I was going to use it as a prize for a contest, but I'll think I'll keep this one for myself wink.gif

And yes I have two copies of the game.

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nice...and yes it would have made a good prize for our tourney... but lols... it's much better on your shelf!


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Nice collectable. :) Though they could have used a better pen, kinda smudgy. :P

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Though an autographed copy is really cool, it looks abit messy...

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Where's ours? we're the ones that keep this franchise running

I have one of C&C3 TW, someone said they didn't find TW interesting and wanted to sell. APOC offered for him to send it in and get it signed; he didn't take APOC up on the offer so I did... :P


Nice Sonic, and that CHUCK! guy is on mine to, nice attention ***** that CHUCK! is. :P

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