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  1. I was wandering if anyone still has the game files of the cancelled command and conquer generals 2 and if anyone is willing to share them. I would to have loved to play that game. This may sound crazy but would it be possible to change the game's files so that the game doesn't connect to EA's servers and we can just play local games or we can use the game's assets to make a mod that is mostly like the cancelled free to play but it would require the original generals zero hour. And would it be possible to change the game a little so that it doesn't have any "unwanted free to play mechanics". I mean the ranking and unlocks are OK with me but we could get rid of the idea of a premium and buying in game money with real money. Or we could just have it classic command and conquer where there are no unlocks. So does anyone still have the game files and is it possible to do what I just said?
  2. What was world domination tour and how did it work? I am assuming it was something like global conquest in KW from the images I have seen on Google.
  3. CyberFaction

    C&C reboot?

    So is this from you....or from someone else.
  4. What are cameos? Are they the images the game uses for like e.g UI,textures etc.?
  5. So Tiberium Alliances with a RA skin on it. If they were going to make this they should have made it into an RTS.
  6. Do you still believe in them? The promise of making a C&C game for the people who bought TUC do you still believe in them?
  7. CyberFaction

    C&C reboot?

    What's this now? So are you actually going to get this together now or is this hypothetical? And try to do something before? Who?
  8. A Russian Developer is creating a project called Global War Generals. This is in fact a project early in development. It is meant to be a C&C: Generals and or 2 like game. I had seen this before and it has been recently put up on Steam Greenlight. There are videos but ones with speech are in Russian. There isn't any gameplay videos meaning it's in it's very early stage. It is being created in the Unreal Engine. However this could still be a concept or a full release which according to the Steam Greenlight page says "Free-To-Play". Have a look for yourself: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=847078785
  9. Is it just me or do those crystals that come out of those rifts DA: Inquisition look like tiberium crystals?
  10. CyberFaction

    Dragon age inquisition has tiberium or is it just me?

    http://media.gamerevolution.com/images/galleries/867/DAI_Preview_Screenshot26.jpg Maybe they look similar but just longer and more bright.
  11. CyberFaction

    Why C&C4 was a bad game?

    There could have been a better ending.
  12. CyberFaction

    GenTool 7.4 Released

    When are they going to add matchmaking?
  13. I am everywhere!!!

  14. CyberFaction

    C&C reboot?

    Wait..what! maybe when I have the time Im not a mod dev and i hve study to do. if anyone knows the answer feel free to tell.
  15. The story sounds a bit like Homefront except it's China not North Korea.
  16. CyberFaction

    C&C reboot?

    Would it be possible to make it standalone or something like it needs the game to work but runs on its own client? Like the adventurecraft mod for minecraft. Like say it needs C&C3 but you download the client from the web and install it and uses the game files or it changes the normal client with its own ui and stuff when you launch the game from the mods launcher and when you use the regular launcher it's completely normal. You know if you can't do it standalone. Perfect man just....Perfect
  17. This makes me kinda sad. Ideas that never came to life. But did sort of and then ultimately got stabbed back into cancellation.
  18. CyberFaction

    C&C reboot?

    What future? Do you mean modding and community maps? Because that's what is happening now. Unless you mean make some sort of standalone title like Renegade X. And man you could have made that sound like Star Trek. Been there done that. Tired of waiting. Moved on to other games. Barely play the game. We the community can get to work on what? Something like what totem arts did? What do you mean? EA's a big company.
  19. Just beaten my first brutal in c&c3 tw

  20. Is it Tiberium or Tiberian? What's the diffrenece and why did EA change it?

    1. Plok


      Tiberium = noun

      Tiberian = adjective


      EA didn't change anything, Westwood also used both as per English grammar.

  21. Aghh!! Having lame windows 10 upgrade problems :(

    1. PurpleGaga27


      Why not download the full version from the MS site and upgrade it from there? That option is still there, if you know where to find it.

  22. CyberFaction

    EA's Leak on a C&C Tiberium game in 2016?

    But you have to admit they did make "RTS on a controller" work from the looks of it.
  23. I never thought they would censor a C&C game. From the description you're giving it doesn't even sound like generals at all it sounds completely different but from the images it doesn't seem to much of a difference but it kind of ruins the original effect of the sort of modern setting and puts it into the future. Just why? It just ruins the setting and it's like a different game. It kind of reminds of what activision did with CODOL the Chinese call of duty with the cyborg zombies and the gamemode where you play as some scorpion robot thing or some other robot thing.
  24. CyberFaction

    EA's Leak on a C&C Tiberium game in 2016?

    I don't care about halo wars 2 I have never played a halo game and prefer ps4 over xbox 1 and even if I did get it for pc it wouldn't even run on my pc. I also prefer C&C. But it doesn't look bad and it does look like it is made for a console which is of course good for console players. Does that mean if this game becomes successful would EA make something to compete(unlikely a C&C although however there might be some people who would just buy the game because of its title)? Maybe, maybe not but wouldn't they be focusing on their other titles that make them successful such as battlefield 1, titanfall 2, fifa 17 etc.? And would they even bother with this they might just play it safe and keep making money on their current popular franchises? But maybe there is a chance.