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  1. Thank you Sonic, for all that you've done. I would also like to thank all the people who are ensuring CNCNZ's continued survival.
  2. It would be cool if a lip reader could tell us what Kane is saying. It's probably very random, but might still be interesting.[/size]
  3. Reminds me of FreeCNC. Dead since many years, as most of these from scratch projects end up. Sometimes we see exceptions such as OpenRA, I'm happily surprised that project has come very far.
  4. She also has semi-nude pictures from various magazines.
  5. recover

    Throwback Thursday for 2nd July

    I just played this last weekend, it is one of the last few missions I never played back in the day. It took a while finding a patch that would work with Windows 10. I recommend everyone to use this RA1 installer: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/ forum thread: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1918.0 I couldn't find it linked from cncnz's command & patch, so it took a while to find it.
  6. I bought it. I mean, why not? I already had all of these games in one way or another, but now I have them on Origin too. Maybe I could have entered the serial codes from the old boxes? Probably not. I don't have them handy so I couldn't test. If anyone from outside the US wants me to buy it for them, pm me. But I figure you can just add a new billing address that's in the US, because they are not sending you anything, you get the code right after purchase. Funny... Now I have TWO of both C&C4 and RA3 in my origin list, the normal ones and the collection ones. Haha.
  7. recover

    Get Some Command & Conquer Trivia

    If you read the Kucan AMA that I linked, Frank Klepacki writes: And Joe Kucan responds: So, yes, we can be quite sure.
  8. recover

    Get Some Command & Conquer Trivia

    #7 with Daniel Kucan is missing the first appearance, which is in Tiberian Dawn! The first actor you actually see in the entire C&C franchise. at 0:45 At least your mother tipped well! Confirmed in the recent Kucan AMA. EDIT: Upon seeing Daniel in the end scene of TW again, I realized I know that place. It's from the Santa Monica ocean avenue in Los Angeles. I live close to there now. Here, see this street view: https://www.google.com/maps/@34.014592,-118.498676,3a,75y,290.57h,83.91t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sMoMHg7aIcFC9-dH0TUWgsQ!2e0 Same buildings and so on, so I'm positive. I wonder if LA was a green zone, or whatever it was called?
  9. It's day #2 and Joe is still answering questions.
  10. recover

    Joe Kucan reddit AMA Coming Up

    This is AMAZING. They took a break but now they're back at it!
  11. recover

    Joe Kucan reddit AMA Coming Up

    In the other thread I linked to this: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/11n1xk/i_am_frank_klepacki_audio_director_composer_and/c6o2yo4 It's from Frank Klepacki's AMA, and he tells the (most likely) true story of Joe Kucan and how he got the role of Kane. It's a truly heartwarming story. I will ask Joe to retell it in his own words in his AMA. Hopefully he'll answer it.
  12. recover

    Joe Kucan reddit AMA

    Hello everyone. Long time, no see. Joe Kucan and his brother Daniel is going to have a reddit AMA on July 31. See sidebar here: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/ Think of good questions, everyone! And this should be made site news too! P.S. How many have seen Frank Klepacki's AMA? This answer is very interesting in particular: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/11n1xk/i_am_frank_klepacki_audio_director_composer_and/c6o2yo4
  13. Releasing these games as freeware is one of the best things EA have done. Anyway, you should maybe mention PortableRA in the download section for Red Alert. I used it and it's wonderfully packaged.
  14. Love it! Kane!! And I miss CRT monitors.
  15. That's what they said in 2007 as well. I sure hope it works this time around.
  16. recover

    Joe Bostic's AmA on Reddit on Thursday

    It's actually tomorrow. Thursday. Well.. depends on your timezone, so yea, since this is a NZ website, maybe correct for some people here. =)
  17. It seems a lot of people enjoyed Renegade multiplayer. It's too bad most C&C games, especially the earlier games, mostly focused on singleplayer. I mean, only IPX support for LAN games, even in RA2.
  18. So Sam Bass didn't leave EA like many of his coworkers. I don't think he has said anything since C&C4? Anyway, nice to get some more info.
  19. recover

    Command & Conquer in HTML5

    Thanks. I guess EA don't want to admit it's "lost".
  20. recover

    Command & Conquer in HTML5

    That was news to me. Do you have a source for that? In any case, clumsy!
  21. recover

    Command & Conquer in HTML5

    Cool. It works really well, much better than FreeCNC ever did. Let's hope development continues and that it ends up being just as fun as the real game. I wish more companies were like Id Software, who releases the source code for their games. This way the modding community would benefit greatly, and the games would be playable on many more platforms. I don't think EA would ever do this though, as they see more value in eventually being able to re-release the game themselves. I bet they don't even know where they have the source code, haha.