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  1. hi, my TT crushed numerous time man!! tried the patches update, improved in other areas and bugs, but the one got me stucked still persists....!! ok, after i have finished the GDI Lockdown mission, the game started to behave wierd, and crashed numerous of times after the next mission finished: To kill a Prophet. it seemed that every time i existed the game, what ever came after the Lockdown mission in the mission list disappeared for unknown reason. I confirmed this by playing it again and again and realized that although the game did save upon completion for each mission, but as soon as you existed the game and came back, what ever mission after the Lockdown mission, they just gone, disappeared!! i know the game still somehow know i have completed those missions, i tried to load one of my saved mission; the game prompted that the mission has been completed and no more xp would be awarded. that showed the game itself acknowledged the completion of that mission. so now i am stucked, can't move forward. So please, please help me! at least if i could get a tweak that give me the mission list would be very grateful!! shouldn't even play with this game in the first place....
  2. keithktam

    I hate Scalpel! Help!

    Hi, finally got to play a bit of TW, the game wasn't at bad as people said, the dull looking unit models look better with the TW's engine. But now i hit the wall... i was at the level to "help the refugee escape after my own wife got shot down and blown to kingdom come"mission, a lot of refugee died by the murdering Nod by the way, but then so did a lot of their Crawler, yea, i did lose the game, well not yet, but did get a lot of immortal and legendary award things...strange. ok, my problem, when the enemies built like four Scalpel, now i have a problem! i tried to take those suckers down, but by then, it was impossible! they just kept repaired each other at an enormous rate, tried take them on all at once, then again, as i said, they just beamed each other..... and now i would not be able to attack any units course of these Scalpels still in the air.... so guys, please show me your wisdom ...... oh another smaller thing, how come when i tried to load an old file during in game, i got the loading bar of course, but why was the whole screen just pink, nothing, just pink with the bar??? anyway, hope you can help, thank you!!!
  3. another quick question, are there any official patch at all for Uprising? thanks
  4. don't know if somebody have asked that before. I was trying to install the SDK with C&C Ultimate Collection without success.... this is what the installer said: can anybody help?? thanks!! keith
  5. thanks a ton for that!! may i ask what in the other two folders?? i know is mod related.
  6. keithktam

    A New Chapter for Tiberium Alliances

    hah, don't trust that one bit......... we've been screwed for so many times, haven't we mate??
  7. keithktam

    Throwback Thursday for 26th March

    you design this i see. better than the one in Tiberian Twilight!!
  8. keithktam

    Throwback Thursday for 26th March

    I really really like it!! got disappointed when everybody supposely hate the design and got canned pretty cool! where is this from??
  9. Hi. just got the collection today, and found out the soundtracks are missing and launcher (additional content) doesn't work, googled a bit, doesn't help... I live in Hong Kong, so I guess my version is the worldwide one, does this version come with the soundtracks?? and I kinda remember that there is a patch fixing the launcher, can anyone give me a link, please?? cheers
  10. are the TW SDK and Worldbuilder the most current version? and also where can i get their respective documentations?? also anyone know of any places that offer the basic tutorials?? i did some google, and they seem scatter around, wondering if anyone know a more centralize place?? things like how to create new units, importing new models and animation, AI, and most of all, create single player mission. thank you
  11. keithktam

    Ares v0.7 Has Arrived

    does it support ingame save??
  12. keithktam

    C&C 3: Tiberium Mod for Red Alert 3

    now you are showing it?? anyway, the mod haven't been updated for awhile now, the modder said busy at school, so haven't seen new works since.
  13. keithktam

    small graphic bug

  14. keithktam

    small graphic bug

    hi, been playing some CnC, thats why been asking various patches, and wonder if there are any for tiberian twilight?? cause I have been experiencing some minor graphic bug ingame. I have already set all my graphic to max with anti aliasing to level 2, that is that max for the AA setting, and yet, aliasing issues are all over the place... I wonder if its the resolution I set, cause among the highest level of res I can have with my pc, is 1360x980 and 1366x980, and naturally I chose the later one. any thought?? thanks!!
  15. cool! give me some time to think over. Thanks!!
  16. this is nice. but I am concerned about the shipping cost, (they are not like LCD you know what I mean ), even if we agree good on the price.... but thanks!!
  17. quick question, does Generals support bump mapping?? thanks!!
  18. I miss the CRT too!! I am actually still locating second hand large flat screen CRT, to use it to watch DVD and old games!! but it is gonna be a tough find...
  19. thanks!! I will try to contact them. I wonder if this code bundled with either TW SDK or RA3 SDK...
  20. is it possible to add in tiberium growth and harvesting mechanics in RA3? thanks!!
  21. how many more times we have to do this, one after the other with hollow hope... yes, this is where fan hang out, but don't you guys realize that with EA, the franchise dead man??!! the only thing that we can look forward to is hopefully there would be more and better quality mod. just like many Bullfrog good old title, they all now entomb in EA cryo tube, unless EA break, or else...