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  1. Hi there commanders Would someone be so kindly and extract the sound of units leveling up in Generals? To be precisely, this sound: I know that it is in video, but I need it in better quality and without that background buzzing sound. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Hoping for Tiberian Sun Remastered too in the future...because it's time you saw the future!!
  3. Ah, OK, got it working now, but another problem emerged...when I try to change cameos for shared units such as light infantry or enginneers and change the value in art.ini, for example, I add nod light infantry new cameo, but in game, it shows that new cameo also when I am playing as GDI. In art ini, it is only one entry for light infatry called [E1] Cameo=E1ICON so how to make a different cameos for each side in art.ini file?
  4. OK, so I have progressed so far with cameos but when I put the shp file in conquer.mix using XCC Mix Editor and also edit the cameo icon name in art.ini, the in game cameo looks corrupted in colors, see this picture and Titan cameo... So, what I am doing wrong?
  5. Superb!! Thanks for fixing it!
  6. Venom

    1.06c development topic

    Hi Nyer, any ETA of next revision or version of your patch? Thanks.
  7. Hi there Iran, first, let me thank you for a great piece of work you have made with PortableRA for everyone in community who enjoying playing the classic CnC games. But mainly, I wish to ask you, what happened to PortableRA site http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/ ?? Will it be active in future? I have the backup copy of PortabeRA but it will be good to have your site online again anyway. Thanks.
  8. Venom

    New Content on CNCNZ.com

    Hi there, first, great additions to already great site about our beloved games, keep it up!! Just one mistake, in NOD vehicles in Renegade X, there is a wrong description in NOD Mobile Artillery, it is stated as Mobile Infantry...
  9. "It's time you saw the future..." And many, many more, I remember when playing this great game, TIberian Sun, at my friends home many years ago, such nostalgia...we laughs when we saw that Kane is pumping tiberium infusions to every person he met... Great old times...
  10. Besides the first pack, I have downloaded the other form Project Perfect Mod site, they are in .bmp format, I think it must be in specific format, yes? http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5593
  11. It does not work, I have copied all files from that pack to root folder of the game but nothing seems to change in-game...I have The First Decade version of the game...
  12. Hello, so I have downloaded a pack of cameos for Tiberian Sun from here: http://www.editing-source.net/pages/downloads/redalert2/cameos/ but I have no idea hoe to add them to game...can you provide me some tutorials please ? I hope it is no too complicated...thanks in advance for any helpful tips.
  13. If I have to say true, no, I do not compare the game behavior with some features of the patches yet, but I also thought it, I will try later and let you know. EDIT: Yup, confirmed in first USA mission, at last the 1.03 patch is present in the game, also found patch notes text in the game directory containing the 1.04 patch notes.
  14. Already tried... Any other ideas besides this ?