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  1. Well, no, not exactly. Cause it was never released nor, actually used. Call it an official draft. Definitely an interesting read. However, it's part of a larger Bible that was written at Westwood at the time, which contained more information, including even some RA bits. Mostly based on what I wrote for the PCNC Canon. But, according to a few Westwood guys, there were some creative conflicts on that matter.
  2. Yeah, that's not really anything official, the bible. It's an iteration of something written internally at Westwood, but never reviewed and canonized.
  3. Well, not sure the Tiberium mutations made him wise, but yeah
  4. Well, first of all, don't forget the UFO from Renegade. That might just be what brought the Tacitus to Earth in the first place, and part of the design specs for Kane's Scrin ship. Kane wouldn't necessarily kill off all his scientists. Also, he's not infallible. There's a difference between helping to translate the thing and knowing all it's secrets.
  5. The Agent is, presumably, the player....
  6. Tratos is not Mobius. And I still don't see the problem. Yes, Tratos was with Kane during WWI. He helped translate the Tacitus. And, according to this thing, also name it. So, why not? Where's the conflict?
  7. Stygs, some of us like to write on paper even with word processors and even voice typing software. Penmanship is an art. I got this cool parchment like notebook (The Order: 1886 Press Kit Edition) with an ink pen, and it's really fun to slowly write things in it. To each his own, and all that. What do you mean by "But its kinda weird if Tratos came up with the name Tacitus - didnt Nod have it long before the events of TS?"?
  8. DICE, just like VG, is wholly owned by EA. There's a team at DICE responsible for the tech. They did most of the big internals work on the engine - it was a dedicated effort. Not closed sourced.
  9. Cypher

    What's Happening with CNCNZ.com?

    LOL, the one you posted - Mobile Infantry to Mobile Base....
  10. Cypher

    What's Happening with CNCNZ.com?

    We need to first check for sure how gamespy's shutdown affects C&C and all the various games. Because if I recall correctly, only C&C3 actually resided on the GameSpy backend, while RA3 and onwards only used the GameSpy tools, while resting the servers on their own backend. Checking.... And no, not everything looked like crap.
  11. Cypher

    What's Happening with CNCNZ.com?

    That's too bad, cause despit what turned out due to external meddling, and limitations, some things were done with the outmost respect to the franchise. And as far as I remember, the Unit Descriptions that appeared after the game's release on the official Site were universally liked and enjoyed. It's in that same venue that the article CNCNZ posted was written. Actually, prior to all those unit descriptions.
  12. Cypher

    What's Happening with CNCNZ.com?

    What's funny, though, is a post about the site's well being gets so many responses in a heartbeat, but a revelation from the development process of C&C4 gets one comment....
  13. Cypher

    EA_CIRE Says Goodbye

    Reading comprehension much? 1. It was not the team's writing, but PR spin from above. 2. What do you mean by "remnants from Apoc's Recycle Bin"? 3. It's a joke. And Eric has done plenty. The whole Feedback process from the community to the team, the pressure from the community the dev team felt, bringing in community testers early and even inviting the likes of AGM into the team to further push in the direction the community wanted to - all Eric's doing. Not to mention the amount of work he did for CommandCom and other C&C presences at conventions...
  14. Cypher

    Victory Games Drop BioWare Label

    Actually, as far as I know, before them both leaving the gaming industry, Ray Muzyka was hands on with the team at VG.
  15. Not necessarily. That's the whole point of building up a Service. You build up a platform capable of sustaining anything - then it's... well like adding Mods to an existing engine, except it's built from the ground up to support this. No contradictions here. They said that when it launches (and it launches with a Beta first), it will only have two factions. They later added that another would be added later. NOT on launch. This contradicts nothing they said before. It actually goes with the whole Service point they are [poorly] trying to make. They always said that, as a Service, it will receive more content as time goes by. And since they didn't want to get into details in the announcement interviews, they let slip only recently that a third faction will be released sometime during beta. Same goes for the campaign. You read the interview wrong. The site itself wrote it wrong. The SERVICE wil have Tib and RA. Well, that's the plan. Gibeau only mused about the inter-universe unit discussions as something possible. The two things are mutually exclusive.