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  1. These two generals are in the game, they just aren't playable Singleplayer. First General is called Prince Kassad Second General is called Dr.Thrax
  2. It still crashed when I run as admin.
  3. Compatability mode: Failed BTW, I'm the admin of my laptop. Even Running as admin it keeps on "Worldbuilder.exe has stopped working"
  4. I am using Worldbuilder to create a Mini-Mission thing (The thing is China is sending Overlords and USA must defend) And I'm trying to delete the Tank General's Command Center to put Regular China's Command Center (Reason: I want the overlords to be regular ones, not emperors because I think I will get lots of messsage saying "CHANGE THE OVERLORDS TO REGULAR OVERLORDS!" But when I delete it with the build thing, WORLDBUILDER.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING Specs: Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite AMD Radeon HD 6300 Graphics Other problems with this map: After two waves with EOverlords , Enemy stops building them. Can't get a dozer already on the map Can't start on the location of USA Command Center, it sends me to the middle of the map.
  5. Tru Gaming

    Will you buy or upgrade to Windows 8?

    I gotten a Laptop with Windows 8, Barely use the things it has to offer, I just use it like its a normal OS.
  6. I recommend getting Command and Conquer Generals Deluxe Edition since that doesn't run into problems like the ones TFD does.