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  1. Autobahn27

    Victory Games Begins Packing Up

    EA, please sell the C&C franchise to somewhere else if you are not gonna make it happened. There are many better Publisher than you that will make this game live.
  2. FLUID, FAST, FUN AND MULTIPLAYER.......yeah right that's what EA's care
  3. Seriously EA....never tired Killing off C&C Franchise eh.......
  4. how the trailer smoother than the actual cutscene i Played.....is there any chance to smooth it??
  5. Maybe you should Join Victory Games and correct them
  6. Autobahn27

    Did Our Original Einstein

    Is a bit confusing. So The Original Einstein also become the part of C&C Universe or C&C Universe Einstein Mind was connected to ORiginal Einstein? I remember was read in Petroglyph Forum that Original Einstein actually back in our time, but Nothing has changed in original timeline.... so which one the truth 1. our World stay Intact and the Hitler Removed World become C&C Worlds? or 2. both of them merged into one???
  7. Autobahn27

    UDLR's Top 5 Command & Conquer Titles

    Tiberian Sun for the Dark atmospheric and story Red Alert 2 for all units funny voices even tanya XD Tiberium Wars for seeing tiberian universe in 3D Renegade for deeply enter part of Tiberian universe Generals/Zero hour just for fun
  8. Autobahn27

    How to increase the Frame rate of FMV?

    Thanks, Kane is too Charismatic to be a hamster.
  9. Autobahn27

    New Downloads Added to CNCNZ.com

    WAAAW, THANKS A LOT SONIC!!!! I want to give you a reputation to you how to do that???
  10. Autobahn27

    How to increase the Frame rate of FMV?

    so... cannot changed then....
  11. Autobahn27

    New Downloads Added to CNCNZ.com

    I try to download the map but the file for downloading doesn't exist, Can somebody reupload mirza's map packs??? i really like genesis pit , hammerfest and sarajevo
  12. in C&C3 and Generals/ zero hour you can increase by open the option ini and set 'IdealStaticGameLOD' to Ultra High (for TW and KW i don't know for Generals/ZH) So, there any option similiar to this in Tiberian Sun/Firestorm?
  13. Autobahn27

    Tiberium Wars in comparison with other C&C games?

    So EVA already become a C&C tradition in here...
  14. Autobahn27

    Tiberium Wars in comparison with other C&C games?

    Well, I'm not really bashing to EA for giving such a name. I'm not loathe UAW. LAst time I played that game, i didn't understand anything, but now I want to play UAW again to understand it better. Are you Sarcasming C&C 4?? if yes I said C&C 4 is failed To bring a proper storyline. ANd poorly presentating. A bad way to closeTiebrium SAGA THe gameplay also dissapoint me very much. For General Maybe I agree when the units are all based on Real life, which gave some players feeling just like real worlds, but I didn't like the storyline, too much reflect on original worlds and a bit of Propaganda. For Red Alert Series Red Alert Although i only play a little bit i just simply like it Red ALert 2 The gameplay itself is satisfied me much, And the storyline about Yuri always gave me shivers. Imagine if someone Remake this game into TIberian Universe..... And Red Alert 3 well i like the gameplay, but the storyline about VS USSR and the new Rising SUre, it's sure will be getting old (Since USSR already become a history). Good for nostalgia. But putting too much Female Characters with Blatant obvious Millitary cosplay....I'm not sure if they serious or Trolling Tiberian Sun and Firestorm Gloomy, gave me shivers everytime especially genesis pit. I kept imagine if the genesis pit widespreading in Tiberium Wars (Because maybe that was Red Zone supposed to be)