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  1. Both C&C Generals and it's expansion pack, Zero Hour, have been included the latest Humble Origin Bundle. Also part of the bundle is Dragon Age: Origins, Peggle, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest and more. Remember, with Humble Bundle you pay what you want. At retail, these games add up to $134. But you choose to what to pay. If you decide to pay more than the average to get all of those games you will also get Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Dragon Age II, Bejeweled 3, and Mass Effect 2. Electronic Arts and Origin are forgoing the profits from this bundle, all of the proceeds that would ordinarily go to them are instead going to charity. So its a good cause. More details are available here.
  2. Just a couple of days ago, EA issued a status update about the closure of the GameSpy multiplayer servers for many of their games. These servers are closing at the end of June. Apparently EA are currently exploring all possible options to continue multiplayer services for many popular games, Command & Conquer included. The full list of games impacted by the change can be seen on the EA Online Services Updates page.
  3. It was announced last month that hundreds of video games, including those made by Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Gearbox, Nintendo, Konami, Capcom and more, may be taken off-line as GameSpy's multiplayer servers shut down on the 31st of May. What this means is the multiplayer services for the games listed below will no longer function. Games Effected Command & Conquer Generals Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Red Alert 3 From what we understand, Electronic Arts says it is working to transition old multiplayer games away from the soon-to-be-defunct GameSpy network backend, but some hurdles remain. And that's basically all we know at this stage, there have been no further announcements from EA. It may be a case of the community seeking alternatives such as Hamachi, Tunngle, GameRanger and Evolve in order to continue to play these games online.
  4. Plokite_Wolf

    List of EA Games at E3

    EA has posted a list of some games that will be shown at E3, which includes two expansions for Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, SimCity and the standard EA Sports line of games. It seems Generals 2 is not on the list, but who knows? Let's hope BioWare will show up with their own booth at the expo. Keep an eye out for official E3 broadcasts on JeuxVideo.com (French site) and on www.ea.com/e3, while American fans can watch it on Spike TV on June 4th at 1 PM (GMT -8). You can read the full press release for more details.