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  1. Attention, all Red Alert 3 fans! Since the game's 10th anniversary will be coming on 28 October, GameReplays and C&C:Online will be celebrating with an entire series of events! In the three weekends leading up to the anniversary, there will be one tournament each. The first two tournaments (on the 14th and on the 20th) will have prize pools of $100 each, while the final one (on the 28th) will have a prize pool of $130. All matches will be played on the community patch 1.12.6 to ensure minimal issues with bugs and bad map tiles. For more information, head on over to GameReplays and sign up!
  2. The Kane's Wrath section of GameReplays.org has announced the Decade Tournament which is supposed to occur early next year for the 10th anniversary of the release of C&C 3: Kane's Wrath. They are calling all experts to prepare, as the prize pool is currently set to be $2000, with plans to increase it to a whopping $5000 by donations, which would make it the largest prize pool for a Command & Conquer tournament since the EA-sponsored Ladder Season 3 from 2009!
  3. FallenXE, a Kane's Wrath writer at GameReplays.org, has started a detailed article series describing the histories and backgrounds of all developers of the Command & Conquer series. The starting point is the pre-EA phase (1985-1998) of Westwood Studios and some of their games and series made apart from Command & Conquer: Eye of the Beholder, Legend of Kyrandia and Dune. The article also has some magazine scans from the 90s reviewing some of the mentioned games. Click here to see the article.
  4. GameReplays.org will be hosting a Red Alert 3 tournament on February 14th at 14:00 GMT. There have been some new maps created by the community to enlarge the rather small competitive map pool, so this tournament will be played on them to try them out in a competitive environment. Some of them are new, while some are ported from Uprising. Click here for the full set of rules, map links and installation instructions.
  5. Two GameReplays tournaments will take place on Sunday, January 25th. The first one is the Kane's Wrath Vanilla Mania 1v1 tournament (12:00 GMT), which will be played using 1.02+ mappacks. As the title suggests, subfactions are not allowed and only the main factions (vanilla GDI, Nod and Scrin) are available for choosing. The second one is the Red Alert 3 Dual Duel #1 (2v2) tournament (14:00 GMT), which will be played on stock maps, 1.12.2 bugfixed maps and two new ones. The Dual Duel #1 tournament also has an option of donating to the prize pool, which is not necessary to participate. You can check out the rules and information for the Kane's Wrath Vanilla Mania tournament here and the Red Alert 3 Dual Duel #1 tournament here.
  6. GameReplays.org has announced the World Series 2015 event for Generals: Zero Hour, which will take place this March. At the end of February, the top 32 ladder players for that month will be identified and eligible for playing in this event, after which the signup thread will be opened. If a player from the first 32 does not show up for the tournament, the next available highest-level player (e.g. 33rd) will take his place. To qualify and enter the ladder, you will have to play on the C&C:Online service. For this, you will require GenTool. You can see the full rules here and follow the current ladder standings here. This is your chance to play alongside skilled players, so make those ladder matches count!
  7. In an attempt to revive the Tiberium Wars multiplayer community, GameReplays.org will be hosting the Winter Meltdown 1v1 Tournament on C&C:Online on January 11th at 12:00 GMT. Signups are already underway, with players of all skill levels participating. Click here to see more information and rules. You can discuss and sign up for the tournament here.
  8. Plok

    C&C Online News

    Greetings Generals! We are pleased to announce that statistics recording and, for the very first time in the games' histories, automatic 1v1 ranked ladders have been enabled for Command and Conquer Generals and Zero Hour on C&C:Online. Statistics are now being recorded and display to players in each game as they did under GameSpy. Those statistics, along with a live display of 1vs1 ladder standings are available on Shatabrick. There are plans to display the ladders and statistics on other sites, including the C&C:Online web site and on GameReplays. Presently, ladders and statistics are available only to GenTool users. Statistics recording (but not ladder access) may be made available to non-Gentool users in the future. The ladders in both games are operating a simplified Elo system, where a variable number of points are awarded or deducted for a win or a loss, based on the number of points held by each player. Presently, thirty three points are awarded or deducted for a win or loss between players holding an equal number of points, varying between a minimum of five points and a maximum of sixty points, depending on the points difference between the players. In Zero Hour, the ladder is presently restricted to 1vs1 games played on the official 1vs1 maps, although we intend to extend the map pool in the near future in consultation with players. There are currently no restrictions on the maps which may be played in Generals. For the future, there are plans to add a 2vs2 ladder, a clan ladder and match histories. Unsuspecting players have been competing on the ladders for the last few days now but we'll be resetting the ladders in both games on 14 September so players have a fresh chance to scrabble to the top by the end of the month. After that, we'll be resetting the ladders monthly and will be looking at holding a competition for the top ladder players at the end of each month. So Generals, watch out for the reset and get ranking! View the Generals 1v1 ladder View the Zero Hour 1v1 ladder
  9. Since I like to have everything in one place, I've decided to create a beginners' guide for Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath multiplayer, especially now since some things have changed with the account system and C&C:Online has taken GameSpy's role of operating the servers after the latter's closure. UPDATED: 28 August 2014 1. DOWNLOADS 1.1. NECESSARY Without these, you will not be able to play, as they are used by every player in the lobby. Users of Steam and Origin releases do not need these. Tiberium Wars 1.09 - English | Chinese (Simplified) | Chinese (Traditional) | Czech | Dutch | French | German (Kane Edition) | German (censored) | Hungarian | Italian | Korean | Polish | Russian | Spanish | Swedish | Thai Kane's Wrath 1.02 - English | Chinese (Simplified) | Chinese (Traditional) | Czech | Dutch | French | German ("Original" version) | German (censored) | Hungarian | Italian | Korean | Polish | Russian | Spanish | Swedish | Thai The Ultimate Collection fixed launchers - for users of TUC. This will prevent incompatibility with players who have disc/Steam versions and fix several issues TUC brought. Note that you need to disable Origin functionality for all TUC games before using this tool. 1.2. OPTIONAL Tiberium Wars WorldBuilder (v2.0) - allows creation and alteration of maps in Tiberium Wars. Individual maps can be transferred to other players ingame Tiberium Wars AutoReplay Tool - automatically saves replays at the end of every match Tiberium Wars Replay Tool - allows comprehensive management and viewing of TW replays Kane's Wrath WorldBuilder (v1.1) - allows creation and alteration of maps in Kane's Wrath. Individual maps can be transferred to other players ingame Kane's Wrath Replay Tool - allows comprehensive management and viewing of KW replays 2. CREATING AN ACCOUNT AND LOGGING IN TO C&C:ONLINE 3. STATS AND REPLAYS All your data is stored on a site called ShatABrick, including your game count, rank, average time spent etc. If you've played games with the BattleCast option enabled, you will also have replays available for download. It also displays distinct icons if a player is known to have common desyncs or disconnections. If you search for one of the usernames attached to your account (so-called "smurfs"), you will get to see all of them in the search form, but with individual stats one below the other. 4. COMMUNITY PATCHES FOR KANE'S WRATH 4.1. PATCH 1.02+ Although the official version is 1.02, many players, including the experts, decide to play the community-made version 1.02+, created by CrazyGDIFan123`. This is a patch aimed to remove as many bugs and glitches as possible, like faulty Awakened EMP blasts or Rocket/Heavy Harvesters' unexplained lower harvesting rate. The patch is made to have as little impact to the balance as possible. You can switch between 1.02 and 1.02+ at any time! It also comes with two great mappacks, while the maps themselves can be played on the official version 1.02 and will retain their new features without touching the base game. Note that they cannot be transferred online due to the fact that they are compiled in a .BIG file and must be installed manually. Players with 1.02+ enabled are not compatible with players who do not have it. 4.1.1. PATCH 1.02+ MAPS BY PREDATORE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZo5G5qJwHg Predatore has made several quite original maps for patch 1.02+, which turned out to be a smash hit among the players and, after a long struggle, they've been placed on the ranked map list. You can download them for 1.02 here, while the instructions on their installation are here. NOTE: Patch 1.02+ releases 6 and beyond already include Predatore's maps by default with all patch changes included. 4.2. PATCH 1.03 A much less frequent sight, patch 1.03 comes from the same creator as 1.02+ and includes all of its features, but this time, it touches the balancing issues. Whether you need this or not, you will decide for yourself, as some changes may look great, but others may not to some players, so read the full changelog before deciding. It also comes with its own mappacks and you can switch between 1.02 and 1.03 at any time. Players with 1.03 enabled are not compatible with players who do not have it. 5. REPORTING All reports of cheaters, disconnections, desyncers and other abusers are to be addressed in these subforums: Tiberium Wars | Kane's Wrath 6. RESOLVING RANK ISSUES If you are having issues in receiving points and/or getting a higher rank, report to these threads: Tiberium Wars | Kane's Wrath
  10. Generals Gentlemen, a Zero Hour commentator duo from GameReplays.org, have uploaded a video giving us a first look at the new Command & Conquer, taking advantage of the recently lifted NDA. Here, they show the game mechanics while playing a 1v1 online game and give their opinions on them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?fv=mcPM2vfY-iQ You can find more videos showing the game on YouTube, like the one by , but this one gives a more critical and professional approach from the people who've devoted their attention to the original Generals. Keep in mind that everything you see in these videos is subject to change.
  11. On October 28th, Red Alert 3 will have the 5-year anniversary of its North American release. GameReplays.org will be hosting three tournaments during the month of October to celebrate this: a 3v3 one on the 13th, a 2v2 one on the 20th and a 1v1 one on the 27th. They will all start at 14:00 GMT. All first places will receive a cash prize or a year's GameReplays subscription if the money cannot be transferred, but cash will only be involved if a certain team or player number has been reached. For more information, registration links and rules, click here.
  12. On Sunday, September 29th at 12:00 GMT, GameReplays.org will be hosting a 1v1 tournament in Kane's Wrath powered by Shatabrick.com. The prize is 30 USD, and a random participant will receive an alpha key for the new Command & Conquer game during a draw that will be held after the tournament is concluded. For more information, click here.
  13. GameReplays.org is hosting a 1v1 tournament in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars, which will be held on Saturday, March 3rd, at 3 PM GMT. There are 16 slots available, and the competitors will play in a 1v1 single elimination mode. Livestream will also be available. The winner will earn $80, the runner-up will get $30, while the third place can still be happy with his $10. You can read the full rules article here.