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Red Alert 3 Beta Officially Gets Started

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I would have posted this quick update sooner but I have been busy. For those of you are wondering or simply haven't heard yet the Red Alert 3 Beta officially started over the weekend. The first 2000 people who registered the beta they received with their purchase of Kane's Wrath have been given access as well as selected community leaders. If you haven't received your beta key yet don't worry, be patient, more people will be added soon. So keep an eye on your inbox for that important e-mail.


Here at CNCNZ.com we have laid out the plans for our own Red Alert 3 Beta coverage. Our co-webmaster, Saracen, is participating in the testing. We hope to get a gallery of beta screen shots online soon. Due to various other commitments I'm not in the beta myself, I have my key but I honestly don't have the time to play in the beta test right now.


Are you in the Red Alert 3 Beta? Post a reply in this news thread and let us know.

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I have it. And got crushed. I couldn't find the superweapons, but I think my opponent disabled them. How rude... :rolleyes:

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The secondary super weapons (Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, Nanotech core) are available... But don't expect to play with the Primary super weapons just yet. EA have disabled those altogether right now. It's understandable I suppose because if they're too weak no one is gonna use them after the 1st time... if they're too strong, well then people are going to exploit and use it purely as a game ender. It's best to concentrate on the main areas first.


There are enough powers to play with, and every other technology appears to be unlocked. So there's a lot of testing opportunity to be had. Although the problem with these Beta's is that people play it as a game for free, and don't do testing. I've submitted about 10-12 forms already ranging from crashes, lockups, bugs, graphical corruption, exploits, gameplay issues (3 minute early game soviet stingray rush) and anything else in-between. So I like to think I'm doing my bit.


I wasn't going to take part in this Beta, purely because I wanted to know little about the game as possible, and then find it all out when the game shipped. But when it comes to games, if one person can make the difference between a good and bad game, then I'd rather be that person. Because as some people will be aware of this Beta will make Red Alert 3 a better quality game in the end.

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I don't think we will do a review, betas should not be reviewed because the game is not complete. But if Saracen has the time perhaps he could write an article of sorts based on his experiences while testing.

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Yeah a 'first impressions' is all that's needed... noting potential problems and joys when the full version appears. Dynamics that are implemented well and some that still need work...



Like the economy...

Like the build styles of the three factions...


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Although the problem with these Beta's is that people play it as a game for free, and don't do testing.

I hate that when people just want the fun with none of the work. Those that don't look for faults had better not complain about any after the real thing comes out.

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