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Game Soundtracks for Free

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Way back in May 2009 I posted a link to some gaming soundtracks you could download for free. Apparently fileplanet is resurrecting the blogs. The first post has a couple new ones added to the old ones.


Link to first blog - http://www.fileplanet.com/fileblog/archive...ntry_1672.shtml

- Warhammer Dawn of War II

- Bioshock

- Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix

- the Witcher

- World of Goo

- Chronicles of Riddick

Link to second blog - http://www.fileplanet.com/fileblog/archive...ntry_1871.shtml

- LOTR:Online

- Tombraider: Underworld

- Deus Ex: Invisible War

- Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

- Auto Assault

- Goldeneye (N64)

Universe at War - http://universeatwar.filefront.com/file/;85202


Link to new third blog - http://blog.fileplanet.com/2010/12/03/free...acks-for-games/

- Warhammer Dawn of War II (repeat)

- Bioshock (repeat)

- The Witcher (repeat)

- World of Goo (repeat)

- Deus Ex: Invisible War (repeat)


- Castle Crashers

- Minecraft

I did have a link for Klepacki's Panzer Generals soundtrack but the link seems to have been removed. The other links are still active.


If you know about other soundtracks that can be downloaded legally post them here.

I love gaming soundtracks!


UPDATE: Mafia Wars II - 5 Tracks


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Good idea for a thread. People like free stuff ;) So I'll pin it.

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Psh, I just find all my gaming music on YouTube. In fact, I'm listening to some right now.


Although it was easier before SilvaGunner and his 7000+ VGM uploads got banned... :(

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A whole bunch of Mario music here. Actually the Donkey Kong 64 Soundtrack is pretty awesome, and I love the offbeat XOC remixes of Mario Music.


I'm a late-bloomer for Mario. I played my first actual game of Mario this year, and I've gone off the deep end...


If you're a US resident you can download this nifty sampler of some steller game soundtracks. But even Canadians can't download this US-centric release.


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I compiled an almost complete Plants vs Zombies soundtrack from a combination of officially released tracks (like the credits theme), links posted by Laura Shigihara herself (the composer), and links to the MP3s loaded by the Flash version on the popcap site.



01 Crazy Dave's Greeting -

02 Crazy Dave (Intro Theme) - link (short version)

03 Choose Your Seeds - link - link

04 Grasswalk - link

05 Loonboon - link - link - link

06 Moongrains - link

07 Zen Garden - link

08 Watery Graves (slow) -

09 Watery Graves (fast) - link

10 Ultimate Battle - link - link

11 Rigor Mormist - link

12 Cerebrawl - link

13 Graze the Roof -

14 Brainiac Maniac - link - link

15 Zombies On Your Lawn - link - link - link

16 Zombotany (Unreleased Track) - link

17 Uraniwa ni Zombies ga (japanese version of "Zombies On Your Lawn") - link - link - link


Main sources:







You can listen to an even more complete version of the soundtrack with a bunch of extras from laurashigihara.bandcamp.com, where you can also buy the entire pack for $3.99 or however much more you want to give for it. Still, those she released for free should be fair game ;)

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What about the C&C soundtracks from all C&C games? Weren't some of them free?

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You can listen to them on frankklepacki.com

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Yeah I'm trying to keep only active links up, but be warned, some free downloads are only for a limited time.

Get em while they're hot!



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Oh man, that Goldeneye 64 soundtrack is a total nostalgia bomb...


As for the C&C music, I got a fair bit of tracks uploaded here... all downloaded from frank's site, so stereo :P


A bunch of those need updating though, and the "Command & Conquer RA1CS" one is the CD audio tracks of the CS and AM CD, which are CD audio but contain one track that has some weird error in it that has since been fixed in Frank's jukebox.

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Might as well add this here:-


The official soundtrack for Renegade X is now available for download. It contains 14 tracks, most of which are remakes of Frank Klepacki's Command & Conquer classics. It also includes a few original pieces. With its own unique style, the Renegade X soundtrack effectively pulls influences from rock, orchestral, techno, and other genres. Here is the full track list.

  1. Command and Conquer (created by Sebastian Aav)
  2. Got a Present For Ya (created by Chicajo)
  3. Death Awaits (created by Niels van der Leest)
  4. Full Stop (created by Sebastian Aav)
  5. Move It (created by Sebastian Aav)
  6. Industrial (created by Paul Curtis)
  7. March to Doom (created by Adam Prack)
  8. Act on Instinct (created by Sebastian Aav)
  9. On The Prowl (created by Scott Peeples)
  10. Stomp (created by Sebastian Aav)
  11. No Mercy (created by Niels van der Leest)
  12. Blinded (created by Sebastian Aav and [NE]Fobby[GEN])
  13. In the Line of Fire (created by Sebastian Aav)
  14. Valiant (created by Sebastian Aav)
Click here to download a copy of the Renegade X official soundtrack.

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Magicka Soundtrack - 70mb

The soundtrack for the hit RPG Magicka.


You and up to three other players take on the roles of wizards of a sacred order with the ultimate goal of stopping the evil dark sorcerer that has thrown the world into turmoil.


Get it here http://www.fileplanet.com/218808/210000/fi...icka-Soundtrack


BTW... I'm really loving the castlecrashers tunes.

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Get the Bulletstorm soundtrack for free thanks to Epic


They call it a blood symphony for a reason. If you love Bulletstorm like we do, you’ll have noticed the awesome soundtrack. And since our fans are pretty much the best in the whole universe — space pirates included — we thought we’d provide a free download of the Bulletstorm soundtrack in all its glory.


That’s right. Free. No skillshots required. You’re welcome

http://ll.assets.ea.com/nawp/na/u/f/GPO/ea...0kbs_tagged.zip (125 MB)

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I just bought the Plants vs Zombies soundtrack. In FLAC. Boo-fricking-yah :)


And oh wow, that Bulletstorm OST is epic... somewhere in between Unreal Tournament and Halo :o

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I just saw the bulletstorm link elsewhere and I was going to post it, downloading now.

I saw the PvZ soundtrack was actually pretty cheap... I think I'll buy that soonish too.

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About the PvZ soundtrack... once you buy it you can download it in all available formats you want. Pretty neat to have both the original FLACs, and the MP3s for my portable mp3 player, without need to convert it myself :)

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in regards to C&C sound tracks you can still pic up Red Alert 1 on the old Red Alert Archive web site. i am so glad that site still exists, great for classic maps.

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wheeee finally :D

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Comander starlin already posted it above Malevolence. Either way downloading now. Even though I haven't got around to listening to volume 1 yet.

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