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  1. Well, its a direct reminder where to find APB Delta. We don't want people getting confused and thinking Delta was still at BHP. It's also a good way to show the people that what happened a few years back has been resolved and to show unity.
  2. We're getting a little tired of "BHP"/APB’s side of the argument being heard. For the past month it seems that all I keep reading is how "BHP" has been victimized and how CJ was blindsided by this. This post will definitely clear up a few things and then I'm going to go back to developing games; I think that’s something we all should be doing instead of wasting our time with this trivial drama that is being spun. Let me break it down. Truth: Actually OWA and CJ started Bluehell Productions together. Both were supposed to be equal partners. Although OWA allowed Chronojam to take certain liberties with how the community was run, if any conflicts of interest arose, they were discussed and solved. recently Chronojam had taken a leave to deal with issues in his personal life, appointing Catalyst to manage the website in his stead. This resulted in Catalyst completely disrespecting OWA and undermining his authority as well as placing the Lead Moderator, Souljack, above all of the founders and actual content creators of "BHP". At one point Souljack was even made “Lead Admin” in an attempt to provoke a response from OWA. If that isn’t unethical, then I don’t know what is. Examples:1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l1bkp5962u52wrd/post-7924-0-37786500-1424192221.png?dl=0 Fig 1: triattack fielding a legitimate point against Catalyst and getting a disrespectful answer. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wcwt0y1z5r1y5ny/post-7924-0-04111000-1424192229.png?dl=0 Fig 2: OWA (rightful co-founder of "BHP") trying to assert authority over Catalyst and getting a disrespectful answer. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3u1apns8bqv6qb/profile.jpg?dl=0 Fig 3: Catalyst misleading users into thinking that he is in charge of "BHP" by use of a profile image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofm7qkhqcayhfux/post-7924-0-77394600-1424192236.png?dl=0 Fig 4: Catalyst throwing his weight around and trying to influence staff decisions (bearing in mind that this guy is supposed to be the web host). Truth: OWA (AR Lead) and TeamWolf (TSR Lead at the time) contacted CJ to WARN him about issues going on with Catalyst. CJ shrugged the issues off and neglected them even after being WARNED that if it wasn't handled that there would be a split. OWA and TeamWolf don’t need consent to move their projects. Truth: The "BHP" rules are actually an edited copy of the rules from SomethingAwful.com forums. "BHP" Community: They stole our launcher Truth: The launcher is/was/and always will be danpaul88’s. Just because he decided to use “"BHP"” branding on it, does not mean that he does not reserve the rights to change it. Fun Fact: The launcher they are currently using was made by danpaul88, and he has never denied "BHP” access to it. They still had access when it was moved to W3D Hub but catalyst (the web host) demanded its removal from the launcher before even Chronojam or Truyuri (actual staff/boss/founder). Proving again there is doubt as to who really is in charge of "BHP"/APB Truth: Nobody gained access suddenly to any personal data that they didn’t already have. danpaul88 was the only one who ever had access to the forum database, so if complaints are being made about personal data being used maliciously, they are pretty dubious. This argument is **** if OWA wasn’t an admin with all db access There was one complaint made by a user known as “Griever” saying that they had their Facebook profile link leaked by W3D Hub, however we have logs of a "BHP" user known as “ChronOS” leaking these details Prior to any W3D events. We will not re-link the log in the interest of protecting Griever’s privacy, unlike others. All of the forum content was copied yes… But we had every intention of getting rid of anything not directly related to our projects once we launched. However, due the fact that our public release was rushed, it was not done in time. Also, all the users passwords are encrypted and safe so even if we had any interest in extrapolating data and using it maliciously (which we don’t because we’re Renegade modders, not black hat hackers), we wouldn’t be able to. No malicious acts were planned. Anything that you have seen from our internal boards has been grossly taken out of context. We have been open to discussions and scrutineering from neutral third parties, but it seems that "BHP" does not wish to resolve this conflict, instead choosing to repeatedly regurgitate the same arguments and not move on. What is your goal here? What do you want from us? Truth: OWA was banned on sight (and is still IP banned at his workplace) and many of us were put on moderator approval, so I doubt this enthusiasm is genuine. Truth: Truth: This “repeated misconduct” is an entirely subjective matter. The events that transpired happened on the SG server, which is out of BHP jurisdiction. There are logs to prove this. As far as we are concerned, said moderators were wrongly discharged.If we are talking about moderator misconduct, the Lead Moderator at BHP, Souljack has done some things that are fairly questionable. For example, putting everyone suspected to be from W3D Hub on moderator approval and not notifying those users as to the reasons why. Discharging moderators for using spawning commands on a game server when he himself was also taking part in using them. Reverting changes made to the server by developers. Unbanning all of the banned users on the game server without a formal voting process. Letting troublesome users insult developers publically without consequence. Using the user account of a dead friend in poor taste to support an argument to why we didn’t delete certain profiles against our supposed “ethics”, when in reality we kept said friend account around to respect his memory. All of this and more is reason enough for us to not have any confidence in Souljack’s ability to moderate effectively. Example: <19:12:10> "Amber": i don't want to talk to your ****y children <19:13:09> "Amber": **** off go ****ing slice your neck so your bleed out too deatj <19:25:37> You were kicked from channel "HOO RAH, Little bird" by "Frashy" (You're kind of a dick) <19:40:16> "[sSG]-ChronOS": wally go ****ing bury yourself alive you **** <19:40:48> "[sSG]-ChronOS": too ****ing right you don't deserver to live <19:56:23> "probably not a goat": **** ** **** WALLYWOOD YOU ****ING ****** <20:26:32> "|TS| Catalyst | Work": Yeah, riced you out of the community, so i went back (When asked why the name change) Anyone thinking that we just up and left without any reason isn’t paying attention or is refusing to see what is right in front of their face. AND if you’d like to know why we left, take a look at the recurring theme here, I’m sure it’ll be the Catalyst you’re looking for. TL;DR- Has proof, done with the drama. Going back to work on Tiberian Sun Reborn.
  3. Wallywood

    W3D Hub Launched

    Maybe its different in the data world but I've always looked at it as, when you rent a building from someone (unless it comes fully furnished) then you provide the contents in that building for your business,living or whatever. The renter owns and maintains the building while the contents inside are owned by the one renting. You move out, you take your contents with you. Also in a business scenario when a business splits, the company and its content are split between the CEO's or business owners. In this case two out of the three parts of this company split off. But instead of the greater part of the company retaining the name, it chose to take what was rightfully theirs and started a new company. I'm sorry I just can't see your logic in a web master owning a company's assets.
  4. Wallywood

    W3D Hub Launched

    So in your words when CJ did the same thing to Crimeson when he changed web hosts, he stole her content to start Bluehellproductions.com?
  5. Wallywood

    W3D Hub Launched

    Not trying to start up a flame war here, but there are some false allegations being thrown around. OWA (One Winged Angel) and CJ started BHP together. So the whole "Stolen Data" is a lie, OWA had admin access and full right as co-owner of BHP to remove his content from the website. There were passwords and members profiles copied, but everything was encrypted and we as a group had no malicious intent. We had every intention of getting rid of those profiles but we were forced to rush to go live, so that oversight was our mistake. The primary goal of the database copy was to obtain 6-7 years worth of OUR design discussions and attached assets that were contained on internal BHP forums. We did it this way because of disputes with the web host and the producers of TSR (TeamWolf) and AR (OWA). Due to the web host’s past actions, we could not take the chance of losing our development content, so that is why the community appeared to pop up as a clone to begin with..
  6. This statement alone shows you don't listen or just don't know how to read very well, I have said that I plan on getting something out in 2012 never did I say a month or give a time. And I have already re done the entire game play plans from the old Reborn. So yes it will play like an entirely different game. So in short, you go back to hatin and I'll go back to working on the game. PS thanks again CNCNZ but I'm done with this pointless back and forth with these kids. Please contact me or CJ if you guys have any further questions.
  7. There's a very valid point in this post which I suspect is going to be completely ignored in favor of personal attacks and "defend our mod's honor" posts. I'm still not seeing where this is a valid point at all. And I guess I missed where this topic was titled "Lets discuss the things we don't like about APB". Last time I checked this was an interview topic about Reborn joining up with BHP. CJ, Me or anyone else from BHP shouldn't have to defend ourselves in the this thread at all. Actually, a good amount of people from the Reborn forums headed of to our forums and at first was a bit messy getting everyone to get along, but now that the dust has settled people like Enduar, and other Reborn fans are adjusting pretty well. Sith Wampa, Have you ever tried to get a group of people that are busy with School, jobs, other real life issues, that have different time zones and that aren't getting paid to get work done for a game? It's not a easy task at all. So yes, things do take alittle longer then expected to produce a patch. And sometimes when you finally do get everything you need to release a patch and you finally get everyone on at the same time, sometimes your in such a rush to get it out you miss very important bugs. So instead of sitting around and bitching at PointlessAmbler or CJ or anyone else, you should have been out finding these bugs and reporting them to BHP. You were a tester at the time, so yes, alot of what your complaining about falls on your self as well.
  8. Lets clear up a few things here. If ACK was still in charge of APB, Reborn and AR wouldn't have ever joined up with APB to become BHP and we wouldn't be getting as far as we have been with any of these projects. Also Sith and Iran you're also not taking alot of things into mind about the drop in player count, things like school, work, new games and just all around lack of interest. Gamma has been one of the greatest RC's in Renalert/APB history. Of course there are imbalances ...but thats what patches are for. I also truely don't think these remarks in this thread are about "game imbalances" as much as they are for people who have personal issues with BHP to take pot shots.
  9. Wow...Crazy how all the haters come out of the wood work and begain thrash talking because they are upset about personal issues involving themselves and BHP. What does any of this have to do with the interview? I'd also like to add.... Zee, it was a great honor to be interviewed by you for CNCNZ and I'd love to do it again sometime.
  10. Wallywood

    Tiberium Crystal War Dev Night on December 30th

    According to a chat between one of their character modelers and one of our staff members, The body of the GDI commando was a Reborn Infantry beta model with the head swapped. The model it self looks to be too high poly to be the model from C&C3 and also the back pack on the back raises a few eye brows. We are still looking in this.
  11. Wallywood

    Tiberium Crystal War Dev Night on December 30th

    Well considering I've heard the GDI Commando your using a Reborn Infantry model's body with a replaced head. If this is true, then TCW will be getting a C&D from us.
  12. Well Thank you very much for the good luck and all but if your inside sources were as good as you said you would know I wasn't talking about my sounds