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What's wrong with the money chirp sound?

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I grew up playing the Mac version of C&C. I've tried playing the Windows version on my modern PC and the one difference I've noticed is that the chirp sound doesn't play properly when you earn or spend money.


On the Mac the sound is clear, continuous, and rather pleasant. On the PC the sound is more of a tick than a chirp and stutters and plays erratically, and seems to be cut off before it finishes playing. A more continuous chirp sound plays in the background, but it is very quiet, nearly inaudible with the music playing.


This was the case when I first played C&C95 5+ years ago on my WinXP machine. I assumed it was a compatibility problem with XP. Since I've never tried it on a Win95 or 98 machine, I don't know if this is a correct assumption. I've recently tried playing it again on my Win7 PC with the Nyerguds 1.06c patch and CNCdraw and have the same problem. I've watched a few Youtube videos and it seems to affect everyone else as well, but then I watched a video of someone playing the DOS version, and the sound seemed to play properly.


So does anyone else know what I'm talking about, and how to fix it?



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What sound card(s) are you using on your Mac, your WinXP PC and Win7 PC?


I haven't had any problems playing C&C (with Nyergud's patch) on my Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium card in Windows Vista.

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The sound card in my old XP machine was a Sound Blaster Audigy 2, my Win7 PC is integrated and my Mac is... well... a Mac.


This is an example of what it sound like my PC:

The sound when building units is more of an erratic tic rather than a continuous chirp.


On my Mac it sound like this:

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Guest Stevie_K

Can't tell the difference to be honest.


But hearing C&C in German made me ROFL!

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Hmm... seems related to sound buffering... it seems to only play a next one after the previous one stopped.


btw, which game version of C&C95 are you using?

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It is not a problem with the soundcard, but yes with the version of C&C. I have a computer with MS-DOS installed, and i play C&C DOS on it. that sound is present, and it is normal. In the same Computer i have Windows 98, Running C&C95 v1.06a (due a problem with the video card, i can't install newest version on it. S3 Videocard bug), and that sound is "buggy" like you spoke.



Cyrix MMX II 250MHz

S3 Trio64v+ PCI 2MB

Creative AWE64 Standard ISA.

48x CD-ROM Reader

No USB or PS/2 Interface.

ENCORE 100Mbs Ethernet adapter

Win Modem.

OS: Microsoft Windows 98SE, but i "Hacked" it to start MS-DOS 7.10 before Windows (it is cool, it runs like a DOS machine... The drivers works on it too =P)


it is old, I know.




Well, it can be a buffering problem, but it do not explain why the blep is so down (volume audio)

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are there any news to this problem?

i know exactly what itsdenton means, the sound of the dos version sounds way better.

is there a fix by chance?


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Hi. Sorrry to revive such an old thread but I have similar problem. When playing C&C 1.06c the sound of money "clicking" (either increasing or decreasing) is somewhat buggy. Sometimes it can be heard, sometimes not. Often it doesn't work. I tried DOS version and everything works fine.

I don't know if it's hardware related but I tried the game on two different machines (Win XP and Win 7) and it always behaved like that. Is there any fix? Thanks.

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lol i think this is a good laugh, German lol, now i like this, didnt think it was a major problem but i can see how you might find it annoying

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Well, as Nyerguds said above, this is related to how the Windows port of the game handles sound playback. Your system configuration is unlikely the issue here.

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