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Do you have an IRC Client?

IRC Client?  

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Do you guys/girls have an IRC Client?


What is IRC?

- Internet Relay Chat: It allows you to connect to a server of choice and chat with people in channels.


Why would i use it?

- Well, we have a growing community of IRC servers linked up together who are all C&C related. You would get to know the community better. Perhaps even start a C&C game with them if you have the same C&C games and play together.


How can i use it?

- Read the tutorial unknown created over here for install and configuring instructions.


What IRC server could i connect to?

- The address for the CnCIRC is 'irc.cncirc.net' which consists of several servers from the community making up 1 big network.



If anyone has questions, please do post them and i will attempt to answer them :)



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No IRC client for me, haven't used one in years and I don't see that changing. I don't install software I never use. If I need to chat with anyone in real time I do that via Skype. And I haven't even logged into that for a long time either.

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Used to have mIRC a long while ago, but then all channels I went to had an option to access via browser or another client, so I stopped using it.

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Haven't used IRC, though I remember some of the guys from W3D Hub were recently using it to send messages into a Tiberian Sun Reborn match from outside the game. So I figured it's still not that uncommon in today's C&C community.

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That's been around in APB for many, many years.

Yeah, BRenBot and similar bots use IRC for easy info and control of servers. Now that you can get IRC clients on mobile devices, you can see how the game is going on or talk to people in it from anywhere. It's pretty neat.


Here's a rundown of some clients based on wants;


I want something easy

Chatzilla, it's a firefox plugin


I want the standard thing that works for 99% of people



I want something that practically fits on a floppy disk and has dialog boxes everywhere



I want cross platform!



I use linux and I hate myself


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I use Opera 12 as IRC client. I more or less switched to Chrome because Opera 12 seems to have some severe memory leaks on Win7, but I still use it for IRC, because it's free, simple, has the handy tabs system which I can put vertically, remembers my opened channels on restart, and can do auto-login scripts. Only real drawback is that it can't show a tab for the general server feedback, but only for channels.

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I don't have an IRC client installed on my main PC, but I do access irssi though SSH for my iRC needs.

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I use mIRC for gaming server moderation. I also code my own tool to help with that, bringing info from the different servers and channels into a single custom window.

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I use some off the wall freebie because mIRC decided to start being ****ty. I don't have one on my new tower yet though. Then again, I only get on with the Ares people when I do use it.

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