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So there is a Pokemon game for the PC!

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The answer to Pokemon Go is finally here, finally for most people wanting to play a Pokemon game for the PC.


First there was YugiOh Pro, the last resorted PC game for YugiOh after Konami shut down every YugiOh PC game that was released for years. After nine years in the making, a fan-made Pokemon RPG game is finally released to play for the PC (called as Pokemon Uranium), and it's free to download!


I found that out via Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/after-nine-years-work-fans-release-their-own-pokemon-1785061831

Forum thread: http://www.pokemonuranium.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1316


Go get it before Nintendo notices it and shuts it down:

Download Mirror 1 (mega.co.nz): https://goo.gl/ajSUgs

Download Mirror 2 (google drive): https://goo.gl/dQig5k

Download Mirror 3 (original site): http://www.pokemonuranium.com/download


Will I include this in The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC games list? Definitely!

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Nope, Pokemon games on the PC are pretty much limited and there's plenty of that for Nintendo's Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and DS.

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And that's why PC Master Race tends to prefers Digimon and/or YuGiOh over Pokemon since there's far more Digimon and YuGiOh PC Games than Pokemon one

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It's a sad thing now that the original devs are no longer working on the fan-made project of Pokemon Uranium, let alone the community to patch whatever remains of the game. Now the Reddit forum version of Pokemon Uranium still exists today, hoping that Nintendo is unaware of it so that forum won't be shut down.


The problem with Nintendo.... they still haven't promised any good decisions to create and release a game specifically for the PC until last year, they finally decided to create/sell Nintendo games to the PC, but didn't specify what to include there.

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