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Kanes Wrath Missing Global Stream Schemas

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Posted (edited)

Missing Schemas in the Global Stream, probably of most interest the Audio Stuff

SETUP: In the xml file "WrathEd\Tools\Games\Kane's Wrath\Includes\Base", add the following Assets if they are not there already

(Friendly reminder to back up the schema folder, but don't leave it in the original directory)

	<Asset id="AudioEventInfoRef">
		<EntryReference id="BaseAudioEventInfo" AssetType="BaseAudioEventInfo" />
	<Asset id="AudioEventInfoRefList">

	<Asset id="RealRange">
		<Entry id="Low" AssetType="SageReal" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" />
		<Entry id="High" AssetType="SageReal" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" />
	<Asset id="IntRange">
		<Entry id="Low" AssetType="SageInt" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" />
		<Entry id="High" AssetType="SageInt" IsRequired="true" IsAttribute="true" />


Download the ZIP file, Extract the folders and put it into the schemas directory "...\WrathEd\Tools\Games\Kane's Wrath".

Now you can edit sounds and change LOD settings

As always, let me know if there are any issues in regards to this.

Update 1.2:

  • It turns out that WrathEd 1.08 had there own Audio Schemas (not all of it) and AudioFile.cs. The files have been changed based on them this should allow proper integration into 1.08
  • If you already have v1.0 or v1.1, replace AudioEvent.xml and add or replace AudioFile.cs

Patch Notes:

  • 1.1: Added AudioFile.cs in package
  • 1.2: Changed AudioEvent.xml and AudioFile.cs in package to match 1.08


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Posted (edited)

Bibber fixed it some years ago be like any good modder, didn't released it anywhere so this thread is more than welcome and Should be pinned

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, TheHostileNegotiator said:

Can you show me what you are trying to compile?

The xml in particular.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset">
  <AudioFile id="aircraft_bombs_fall3s" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/aircraft_bombs_fall3s.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>
  <AudioFile id="explodesmall1" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall1.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>
  <AudioFile id="explodesmall2" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall2.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>
  <AudioFile id="explodesmall6" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall6.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>
  <AudioFile id="explodesmall7" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall7.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>
  <AudioFile id="explodesmall8" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall8.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>
  <AudioFile id="explodesmall9" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/explodesmall9.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>
  <AudioFile id="ambexplo1" PCCompression="XAS" File="AUDIO:Sounds/ambexplo1.wav" GUIPreset="Default"></AudioFile>


These new sounds worked/compiled fine before adding the WE Global Stream Schema patch

Edited by commanderKW

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Instead of having someone pinning this thread, I mention this in the C&C3/KW Mod SDK FAQs thread instead.

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22 hours ago, PurpleGaga27 said:

Instead of having someone pinning this thread, I mention this in the C&C3/KW Mod SDK FAQs thread instead.

Thx :):thumbsup:

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Does anyone else who uses WrathEd "1.08" have a problem integrating the "Missing Global Stream Schemas"?

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In fact my 1.08 gamma never compiled succeed even once time.

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