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Crash research

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10 hours ago, Lethe said:

Caused by running this patch under windows 8.1 with windows 95 compatibility mode enabled with default settings

You're not supposed to do that.

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That's weird, since the patch is what enabled that compatibility mode in the first place.  Also changing any setting with CCConfig.exe re-enables compatibility mode.

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The required compatibility modes differ widely depending on the system, but I never got an accurate list of which modes work best on which systems, so yes, it is entirely possible there are still errors in what is activated by the tool / patch. Thank you for this new information.

Could you test what works best in general, to both get the game running and not get any graphics freezes in the map animations and in-game menu? I don't have a Win8.1 PC.

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I run a Windows 10 machine. I run cnc95 gold free with 1.06 latest revision. I was able to play till GDI level 10 without a crash.  The first time it died it said instruction at  004ce54b  reference memory at 00051ed2.  The second time it errored it’s said 004ce54b reference memory at 0002d27b. 

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Well, that's the same address (004ce54b) both times. As I said, something with drawing. The second value is rarely relevant since the crash itself means that the value referenced at that moment was corrupted. Knowing the corrupted value is sadly never any kind of indication on how it got corrupted, though :P

As I asked in the other thread...

Are there any specific circumstances you know about when it crashed? Certain units being / appearing on screen, certain actions you took? Scrolling to a specific position on the map?

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