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Merry Christmas from CNCNZ.com

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Well its Christmas time once again, that means its time to post our traditional Christmas sign off message for the Christmas break. Each year I try to come with a new image. This year I used some of the cool art from the cancelled Command & Conquer game. So here's Dr. Thrax wishing you toxic free Christmas!



So with that said, on behalf of the entire team here at CNCNZ.com, I'd like to wish all of our visitors and community friends a Merry Christmas! Thank you for all of the support once again through out 2013. Have a great Christmas Day! Please feel free to leave your own Christmas greetings and wishes in this news thread.

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Happy holidays! biggrin.gif


Next time Sonic, please include smilies with santa hats on them. smile.gif

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Boas festas e um feliz natal!


Um feliz natal para todos vocês e boas festas. :)

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