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Motorhead - Time to play the game :D

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Guns & Roses-November Rain



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Frank Klepacki - Hell March, Hell March 2, Grinder, Blow it Up, Destroy

Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous, So Cold

Franz Ferdinand - Take me Out, Dark of the Matinee

Foo Fighters - All My Life, Learn to Fly, Everlong

Audioslave - Bring 'em back alive, Cochise, Exploder, Like a Stone, Gasoline, Set it Off, What you Are, I am the Highway

A Perfect Circle - Annihilation, Passive, 3 Libras, Weak and Powerless, Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums (phew!)

Metallica - Hero of the Day, St. Anger, Frantic, The Unforgiven, One, The Memory Remains

Velvet Revolver - Fall to Piecies, Slither

=> My current Winamp playlist at the moment. May be subject to change


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Added to my Winamp list:

Metallica - Whiskey in the Jar ( :D ), Ride the Lightning, Fight Fire with Fire, No Leaf Clover, Battery

Audioslave - Getaway Car, Hyptonize, Shadows on the Sun, Show me how to live, The Last Remaining Light

A Perfect Circle - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, The Package, The Outsider, Let's have a War, Imagine

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Papa Roach-Life is a bullet

White Lion-Lady of the Valley

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Mudvayne - Dig

Slayer - God hates us all


Pantera - Great Southern Trendkill

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Better by You, Better Than Me - Judas Priest - Stained Class [bonus Tracks]


Call On Me - DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter (yup that. haven't deleted it yet XD; )


Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin - Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1


Dirty Love - Thunder - Guitar Heroes Disc 3


Evangelion_Cruel_Angel_Thesis (evangelion theme)


Evangelion_Fly_Moon (evangelion ending theme, based on sinatra's)


Excel_is_an_original_prankster Gateway User (fan song)


Givin' Up - The Darkness - Permission to Land


Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) - Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East (Live in Japan) [Expanded Edition]


Hangar 18 - Megadeth - Rust in Peace


Heroes End - Judas Priest - Stained Class [bonus Tracks]


Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - Megadeth - Rust in Peace


I'm Done - Korn - Take a Look in the Mirror


Lovefool - The Cardigans - Lovefool single


Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones - Aftermath


Peace Sells - Megadeth - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?


Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones


Rust in Peace...Polaris - Megadeth - Rust in Peace


Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana


Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin - Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1


Stockholm Syndrome - Muse - Absolution [uK]


The Reason - Hoobastank - The Reason


Time of Your Life - Green Day - Nimrod


Tornado of Souls - Megadeth - Rust in Peace


Wake up hate - Korn


Whole Lotta Love - The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - *shrugs* can't remember who it's by



i got more tracks then that but it's my main list at current n.n;

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Metallica - Astronomy (Garage Inc - Disc 1)

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i haven't studied this in detail, but from what i gather everyone is pretty much along the lines of rock and hard rock right? (maybe nu metal, hardcore etc etc)

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Megadeth - Addicted to Chaos


This isn't a discussion thread though. You post what's in your playlist at the moment. Also known as a +1 topic. :P

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lolol well nothing right now. i'm too busy watching the tv or playing games most times to listen to music o.o i just can't help responding to posts and stating my own opinions n.n;

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i have o.o; i've got the discovery channel on the tv next to me XD!! (american chopper o.O meh whatever) i'm spending too much time chatting to people to be changing radio stations an i haven't got my playlist on this compy (the one i posted previously is for my laptop... :)

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Particle by Zao :wink:

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Hoobastank-Same Direction


At leats post some of you fav. titles here

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