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    FunkyFr3sh's New Tiberian Sun Patcher Released

    What does the graphics patch do? O.o
  2. Mod released and available for download at Moddb. Grab it here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dawn-of-the-tiberium-age/downloads Most links at the main news page are broken.
  3. Personally, I don't like this game basically because it's not an RTS game. So don't expect to have control over your units because you don't have it. The combat system is in my opinion, terrible, crappy and dumb. I can't think more words to describe it. I'm very dissapointed.
  4. Nice version of Hell March, where did they get it from?
  5. 1. Let's see... first, they'll release the F2P content without campaign, then the Generals campaign and then Tiberium/RA universes? Then, Tiberium campaign and then RA campaign, I suppose? Is it too ambitious, isn't it? 2. They contradict themselves. First, they tell us they're gonna release just 2 factions and no campaign, then 3 factions and campaign... WTF? I don't understand. EDIT: Just read the interview, and it says they aren't including Tib/RA universes, but just adding some tanks that belong to them... So, another contradiction... And I don't like this one.
  6. TiberFCSL

    List of EA Games at E3

    Generals 2 wasn't shown at E3 this year. The EA conference has just ended.
  7. TiberFCSL

    New TS Rising Screenshots

    Tiberian Sun Rising, the mod that brings the Second Tiberium War in all its glory to the CNC3 engine, has released some screenshots at Moddb. Be sure to visit them at http://www.moddb.com...rian-sun-rising.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry and thank you, I'll go to Tib Alliances forum to talk about it .
  9. TiberFCSL

    C&C 3: A New Experience

    Anyway the news are great!!! Really cool stuff.
  10. I've just released a new beta of my mod TLW. So please check it out at http://www.moddb.com...-tech-level-war . Let me introduce you to Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War. It's a mod with a new gameplay tweak, in which you have to build very expensive buildings - the tech centers - in order to level up and have superior buildings and structures and eventually win the battle. Some changes: The mod is standalone. In Tech Level 1 there are 2 classes, Deffensive and Offensive. The Deffensive class includes units and structures that work well for that purpose, just defend. The Offensive class includes, for example, fast and deadly units like the Pitbull and the Buggy, so, using them, perhaps you could destroy an enemy base in the 1st Tech Level. There is one singleplayer mission made for my Nod campaign. It's called Deja Vu and you'll know why once you played it. There will be more missions in the future. The AI has been improved a lot since last version.
  11. Voted. But for Bioshock Infinite LOL
  12. TiberFCSL

    Tiberium Crystal War Online Demo v1.11 Released

    Sad to say this, I'm dissapointed since most Nod vehicles are still placeholders. As I don't like to play like this, I wonder if there are maps in which tiberium is more than a green texture in the ground. At least the few structures that I got to see are improved since the last version. Hmmm... hey!, what if I play GDI only? Anyway, despite all the work that is to be done, I think this mod will be great.
  13. If just it was a RTS game... I'd love it.
  14. TiberFCSL

    C&C Tiberium Alliances Screen Shots

    I'm IN the beta!!! Very dissapointed since this game is not an RTS... you can't even control your units once they're in the battlefield...
  15. TiberFCSL

    C&C Tiberium Alliances Screen Shots

    Has anyone received the beta key yet?
  16. TiberFCSL

    C&C Tiberium Alliances Screen Shots

    The Forgotten Power Plant looks a lot like the TS GDI one.
  17. ****!!!!!!! I don't want more Generals games!!!! That's not C&C!!!!!!!
  18. Yeah, the title says it all, this great TI team has released a new version!!!! Head over to PPM and see by yourself. http://www.ppmsite.com/
  19. TiberFCSL

    Addressing the Generals 2 Rumours

    I just hope that the new C&C it's not a Generals one.
  20. TiberFCSL

    C&C Fjords Video Preview & Download

    The download link is broken.
  21. TiberFCSL

    Renegade X: Beyond Black Dawn

  22. I'll tell you some of the good things of the game and the engine: - The storytelling is a lot better than, let's say, C&C3, I mean, ingame. - The game has lots of videos (made with the game engine) to tell you the story - The music is incredibily good, of course made by the C&C music master himself, Frank Klepacki. And it resembles a lot the music style of the C&Cs. - The HUD, despite it includes a bottom bar, lets you build units from anywhere on the map and from various factories at the time. Despite not being a sidebar, it's not bad at all. - Every faction has radically different ways to build their base. One of the facitons, the Hierarchy, has a crawler system. - The engine is really fast, although it hasn't the best graphics, it looks pretty good and realistic in terms of complexity and proportions - a lot more realistic proportions than SAGE - that immerses you a lot. I think this engine has a lot of potential to make C&C mods. For those of you who don't know anything about UAW, it's a science-fiction RTS game made by Petroglyph, a game studio formed by former Westwood developers. Grab the game NOW, as the offer ends at September 27th!!!
  23. TiberFCSL

    C&C Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War

    GREAT! Thanks a lot, Sonic.