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  1. Some of you might be familiar with the OpenRA mod that's being developed by members of the french fansite C&C Saga titled "C&C FanWars" (ModDB page link). It's a mod that puts different C&C fan armies together, all are based on a mix of different factions from different C&C Universes. The Red Alliance, for example, is based off of Nod and the Soviets, while the Order is a mix of Scrin and EotRS. They have just released version 1.0 of their mod, which is now an independent OpenRA mod, instead of a TS mod, as it was back when they announced it. Warning: The preview video above is in French. As for the mod, you can download it here. You can also read the full news post in French here on CNCSaga.
  2. Just in time for the Holidays, OpenRA has released its latest version - Playtest 20201213! This latest release adds a slew of new features, including some new options for game lobbies and Discord integration, the latter which allows invites and game lobby sharing. The developers also share a short update on what else is coming in the future for OpenRA - such as full support for Remastered Collection assets and a feature-complete Tiberian Sun mod. Playtest 20201213 Changelog Download Links You can read the full update here.
  3. All replays for the league are uploaded to Jazz_KCS' file server. File server status thread. The tables are updated shortly after the end of each round. Also see: Season 3, The Rulebook and Public Registration (closed for Season 3) Live updated Fixtures and Results, Season 3 Masters' Division Minions' Division Recruit Division Alpha Recruit Division Beta Post-Season Feedback and Discussion thread for Season 2 All inquiries and official league business are conducted through [email protected], currently mananged by Jazz_KCS and SoScared. X-posted from: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=7453.0 The RAGL has grown significantly since, with full divisions and over $800 worth of prize money for Season 2 alone. This season represents OpenRA's most dedicated players, scaled in skill level across 4 divisions with the upper two divisions looking scary good after a few seasons of promotions and relegations. All matches are easily accessible through our file server at http://64h.mine.nu:5534/mIRROR/ora_replays/ to which if you've installed OpenRA, the replay file will launch the client automatically! The RA Global League runs two event each year, one in spring and one in the fall. Beyond Season 3 (this spring) the competitive event is looking to promote itself thoroughly now that the format is stabilizing and has proven it will run smooth regardless of the number of participants and overall scope of the league setup. To get a glimpse of what some of these high competitive matches look like, look no further than the RA Global League's two-times Champion FiveAces' own YouTube shoutcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CovertFlobert We're looking to raise awareness of this competition and will welcome any discussion, feedback and criticism from the CNCNZ community which above all else value the core of what represents Command & Conquer.
  4. Sometimes, things happen in just a short time in this community, usually after a long lull. Our friend @Banshee from Project Perfect Mod wrote an intriguing article on the importance of proper UI in Command & Conquer. OpenRA fan who goes by the handle N/a made the October 2018 issue of the OpenRA magazine called "The Chrono", which you can read here. The project that was until now known as RedAlert++ is now renamed to Chronoshift. It is still very much in development despite being publicly silent for the most part, with a public repository expected to be released within the next week or so.
  5. The stable branch of OpenRA has been updated to version 20180923. The new player account system ties to the official OpenRA forums, the online server list has been improved, Linux packaging has been optimized, new preset and custom colour tabs have been added to lobbies, rendering and unit responsiveness have been enhanced, tech structures now have tooltips and will remain on the map even if their owner is defeated, balance changes were done in Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn, and more. The mod SDK also received some improvements, and this was showcased by the project that brings KKnD 1 and 2 to the OpenRA engine, that is called simply "KKnD" as a completely non-confusing and totally backfire-proof title.
  6. The past few days have seen quite a few important releases in the Command & Conquer modding scene! OpenRA has released playtest version 20180729, which makes the debut of the optional account integration and the use of AppImage for Linux releases (the current stable version is already there), as well as the usual array of bug fixes and balance changes. The Shattered Paradise mod for OpenRA, which makes use of the yet unfinished Tiberian Sun port, has been released. It has five playable factions (GDI, Nod, Forgotten, CABAL, Scrin), and tries to make them all asymmetrical in terms of gameplay. The Red Resurrection mod for Yuri's Revenge got updated to version 2.2.8, which brings balance changes primarily aimed at the European Federation, a new Ares-powered feature that prevents units from self-healing 10 seconds after taking damage, and 22 brand new skirmish/multiplayer maps.
  7. The stable branch of OpenRA was updated to version 20171014 this Saturday. The most important change is that OpenRA's mods (Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Dune 2000) are now launched separately instead of through a unified interface, which is a change which first appeared in the playtest build 20170722. Other changes include a command bar visibly inspired by the one from Tiberium Wars, nine new campaign missions for Dune 2000, reworked building targeting and the way they take damage, new search and filtering options in the map editor, improved global chat interface, performance and memory usage optimizations related to music playback, community-approved balance changes and much more. For more information and download links, visit OpenRA's official website.
  8. An interesting playtest (note: playtest builds are experimental and are not considered stable) version of OpenRA has been released yesterday. All of the current mods are now accessed separately instead of using a central launcher, a C&C3-styled interface for advanced movement options like attack move and waypoints has been implemented, new building physics have been added, 9 more Dune 2000 campaign missions have been converted, LAN games are now automatically discovered in the Multiplayer browser, and many more changes have been made.
  9. Greetings ladies and gentlemen. My name is Hecthor Doomhammer and welcome to the second edition of the Hecthor Doomhammer Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament (tm) in OpenRA. Seeing as how last year’s tournament went in terms of organisation and execution, I am happy be hosting another edition of this kind of tournament. Starting Saturday July 1st at 10:00 AM GMT / 12:00 PM GMT 16 of you will be waging a 2 weekend war to decide who take the honor, glory and the prize money on Sunday July 9th Hosted and livestreamed from my channel on Twitch and joined by SoScared, FiveAces and Jazz_KCS as tournament officials. All matches will be streamed live and later edited and uploaded to my Youtube channel. In this topic on Sleipnir's Forum you can see all the information necessary as well as sign up if you wish to have a shot at the prize pool, currently sitting at a solid €160. Hope to see you all then!
  10. We've fallen a bit behind on the news in the C&C community, so it's time to catch up. C&C Communications Center has relaunched on Sunday with a completely new look and a vast archive of data and images from Westwood's RTS titles currently spanning from the venerable Dune II to Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Much of the material you can see there hasn't been seen publicly in many years, and some of it... ever! Over the past week, the Twisted Insurrection team introduced new tracks for the upcoming version of the mod: Radioactivity (including some lyrics from Kraftwerk's song of the same name), W.I.R.E.S., Tungsten Souls, and The Surveyors. The first three tracks were composed by Swirekster, while The Surveyors is by OmegaBolt. OpenRA was updated to stable version 20170527, which fixes a few graphical issues and adds the "Fast" game speed. The Generals 2 mod for Red Alert 3 is showing further progress with the new APA tank models and textures. Red Alert: A Path Beyond was patched to version, introducing lots of balance changes, map tweaks, touched-up graphics for the Mammoth Tank, new Strela-2 model for the Grenadier and more.
  11. The latest release of OpenRA has just release and it's available for download now. This is the most recent stable release, almost half a year has gone by since the stable version. As usual, this new release brings with it changes to the balance of both the Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods, as well as a huge number of new and overhauled multiplayer maps. In addition, it contains the following major fixes and features: HiDPI font rendering for players with high resolution displays. Fixes for several multiplayer bugs that could stall or crash games when a player disconnects. The Red Alert “shell map” background is now muted. New behaviour for the Red Alert Gap Generator and Tiberian Dawn Obelisk. Fixes for asset installation on 32 bit operating systems and from the original RA95 CDs. Visit the OpenRA site now for the download.
  12. The modding scene in the C&C community stretches far and wide, there are many mods out there and it can be difficult to cover them all. But every now and then something unique comes along that stands out above the rest. Introducing Nomad Galaxy. A space mod built on the OpenRA engine, the project has two goals in mind, the first is to create a game that has not been seen in OpenRA before, and second, to create a game that is independent from any franchise. The gameplay itself is a merge between Homeworld and Command and Conquer, your bases are now fleets which are no longer static, the buildings have been replaced with civilian ships that cover the basic needs of a fleet, like sensors, resourcing, production and tech, and you also have military ships that you have to use to defeat your opponent, these ships come on four sizes, similar to Homeworld (Fighters, Corvettes, Frigates and Capital ships). The game offers a simple rock paper scissors logic that has been always seen in these kinds of games. The maps themselves don’t have any barriers, but they are meant to be filled with anomalies or hazards, whether it’s asteroid traffic, nebulae, planets, unstable objects, it’s the player who must know where to place their forces to make sure he gets the maximum advantage from the environment. Nomad Galaxy is currently a work in progress but could be something to keep an eye on if you like Sci-Fi themed games.
  13. The OpenRA team have released a brand new playtest version of their Command & Conquer remake mod. This release includes a collection of balance and map changes for the official mods that have been discussed and debated on the OpenRA forums at great length, plus several notable new features as listed below. HiDPI font rendering for players with high resolution displays. Fixes for several multiplayer bugs that could stall or crash games when a player disconnects. The Red Alert “shell map” background is now muted. New behaviour for the Red Alert Gap Generator and Tiberian Dawn Obelisk. Fixes for asset installation on 32 bit operating systems and from the original RA95 CDs. Check out the full changelog for all the updates in this release. Visit the OpenRA site for the download.
  14. Here's a helpful quick guide for anyone new to OpenRA from the team at The LANBox. This guide, called How to be a Better OpenRA Player, covers the basics such as the beginning of a game, expanding your army, base building, combat and more. Click here to read it.
  15. Just in time for Christmas, the OpenRA team have revealed their brand new logo for the OpenRA project, which you can see above. This logo will be used to represent the OpenRA project as a whole, with the Soviet star logo being kept for the Red Alert mod. Here is some extra details about he change of logo. More information can be found on the OpenRA site.
  16. Hotfix 20161019 for OpenRA has been released yesterday, after stable version 20161015 was published with two multiplayer crashes which were missed during playtesting. The hotfix announcement was given in the form of secret military correspondence:
  17. A new stable version of OpenRA, 20161015, has been released. Over 28,000 lines of code have been changed! One of the most important changes is the ability to install the necessary game files from C&C The First Decade, C&C The Ultimate Collection and the Dune 2000 Gruntsmod Edition. This will also install the campaign cutscenes automatically instead of manually. More campaign missions have been implemented for Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Dune 2000, bugs and crashes have been fixed, hotkeys have been added, mouse scrolling configuration has been improved, and aircraft reloading behaviour has been retouched. You can download this latest version here. Do note that Windows users now require .NET Framework v4.5, and that Windows XP is no longer supported.
  18. The OpenRA team have released another playtest version. One interesting addition in this release is support for Origin. There are other notable changes in this release as well. Here's a quick summary..... Improvements to unit pathfinding behaviour (less traffic jams around bridges and choke points!) Aircraft in RA will now intelligently manage their reloading behaviour at airfields or helipads New hotkeys and mouse bindings for moving around the map and producing units Lobby options (such as crates and shroud) are no longer reset when switching maps Improved UPnP support for automatically opening ports when hosting local servers Fixes for a collection of common crashes that sneaked in to the last release (we’re sorry about that!) A collection of balance changes for RA and TD that were discussed and tested on our community forum Many trait and Lua API improvements for mods and maps You can read more about this new playtest release and grab the download by clicking here.
  19. A new World War 1 inspired mod for OpenRA has been announced. The great war began on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The conflict rapidly spread and soon, Germany, Russia, France, and Great Britain were all drawn into the war. This was due to treaties that obligated them to defend certain countries. The Great War mod will feature many unique feature directional based tank armour. Units with this trait have a damage modifier for incoming attacks. Depending which direction the projectile hit, damage will be different. There is also a population limit, units require population which can be increased by building houses. Swamp terrain, only passable by infantry. Rails, trains can only be built and run on rails. You can learn more about the The Great War mod for OpenRA by clicking here.
  20. Episode five of the OpenRA - Red Alert Global League Academy was just posted a matter of hours ago. This series is aimed at teaching you how to play OpenRA competitively, showcasing build orders and split second decision making. Today’s episode is aimed at teaching you about the difference between tech-centric and combat-focused maps.. You can watch it in the video above. If you missed the last episode, click here.
  21. From now on it's go time! In this topic after this post we can discuss everything related to the tournament, but first, the Bracket! Note that this bracket is no longer up for change. Tournament round rules: Round 1: Cycle (bo3) Players pick 3 different countries to play. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed. A player cannot pick a country he already played in this round. Quarter Finals: Random (b03) Players Pick ANY. not Any (Allies) or Any (Soviets) nor a specific country Semi Finals: Stronk (b05) Players pick 1 single country, preferably their strongest and stick wit that for the entire round. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed. Bronze Match & Finals: Mirror (all 5 matches) All 5 matches of this round will be played as Mirror Matches. Order of the country selection are: France - Ukraine - England - Russia - Germany While the winner of the round will be decided as B05, all 5 matches will be played Timeframe: - The Tournament will consist of 2 weekends starting July 2nd. Ending July 10th - First match (Kwendy vs Anjew) will start on July 2nd at 10:00 AM GMT - Match 1, 2, 3, 8 & 9 will be held on Saturday July 2nd starting at 10:00 AM GMT - Match 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 & 11 will be held on Sunday July 3rd starting at 10 AM GMT - Semi Finals will be held on Saturday July 9th, starting at 10:00 AM GMT - Bronze Match & Finals will be held on Sunday July 10th starting at 10:00 GMT Map pool - The first player in the match up will decide the first map - The other player will decide the 2nd map - For B05, rinse and repeat for map 3&4 - The final map will be decided by me via Random Number Generator The maps are: - Behind The Veil - Dual Cold Front - Keep Off The Grass 2 - Man To Man - Ore Lord - Side Step - Singles - Warwind - Winterstorm - Should a 1vs1 Red Alert map out of the Mapmaking contest win, This map will be the 10th map in the pool. Additional info: - Tournament officials: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared, Ripsn, Jazz_KCS - Commentators & Spectaors: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared. No other Spectators allowed! - Mumbleserver: [64H] Multiplayer - Technical support: Jazz_KCS (perhaps co-commentator, is allowed to spectate) Prizes: Prizepool is €120) CCCP21 has donated 80 euro for a Prize Pool: NoobmapMaker donated €20, SoScared Donated €20 - €60 first prize - €40 second prize - €20 3rd place. During this week I will personally inform the participants on when they are scheduled / expected to play via PM. Let's make this a tournament to remember! Hecthor Doomhammer
  22. The fourth episode of the OpenRA - Red Alert Global League was posted earlier today. This series is aimed at teaching you how to play OpenRA competitively, showcasing build orders and split second decision making. Today’s episode features advanced tactics like powerspikes, timing pushes and psychological warfare by applying constant pressure. You can watch it in the video above. If you missed the episode 3, click here.
  23. Episode 3 of the OpenRA - Red Alert Global League has been posted. This series is aimed at teaching you how to play OpenRA competitively, showcasing build orders and split second decision making. You can watch it in the video above. If you missed the episode 2, click here.
  24. Episode 2 of the OpenRA - Red Alert Global League has been posted. This series is aimed at teaching you how to play OpenRA competitively, showcasing build orders and split second decision making. You can watch it in the video above. If you missed the first episode, .
  25. After six months of development, contributions from 50 developers, a total of 1,232 commits that added more than 14,000 lines of code. The latest stable release of OpenRA has been released. Listed below are the main highlights of this release. Nod units in the Tiberian Dawn campaign finally use their original silver colouring. Starting a game after installing a map no longer causes the player to be kicked from the server. The lobby colour validator will no longer complain as much as it used to. Walls now reliably stop bullets. Husks blocking refineries can now be targeted and destroyed. Full details and download for your preferred operating system can be found right here.